The Mayor for Ritchot says 2023 will see major changes to their municipal office.

Chris Ewen notes a significant expansion is being planned along with the creation of a market square, located between their existing building and the daycare to the north in St. Adolphe.

"The market square we're hoping to start in late spring to get that going so we can start hosting markets by the end of the year," he explains. "As for the municipal offices, we'd like to see that mid to end of 2023 and we're very excited for that."

Ewen notes the expansion of their municipal office will allow them to fill more positions as needed and give their staff a little more room to work. 

"We're hoping it gets done quickly but we also want it done right," he notes. "So, if it takes a little bit longer that's okay."

Also in 2023, Ewen says they will continue working with a developer on a major subdivision in Ile des Chenes. He notes this could turn into one of the largest developments that Ile des Chenes will see in years with more than 400 homes and multi-family dwellings. 

"That's going to be a big one, we're going to continue to work with the developer on there to see that growth," he says.

Ewen adds over the next 12 months they will work with Tache toward an annexation that would benefit both municipalities. Ewen notes Ritchot is hoping to annex land from Tache in order to grow Ile des Chenes to the east.

"Where we can fix some drainage issues that both municipalities are having but also see a landlocked area of Ritchot grow," he explains. "As much as we'd like to see it happen sooner, we want to make sure that both sides and both municipalities are comfortable and happy with the decisions being made going forward."

And finally, Ewen says he is hopeful that 2023 brings with it a much quieter spring than last year when major flooding forced evacuations along the Red River.