A spokesperson for Villa Youville in Ste. Anne says he considers themselves very lucky.

Chief Executive Officer Gilbert Audette is referring to how his staff have embraced the vaccine requirement for health care workers. In August, it was announced that designated provincial public service workers who have ongoing contact with vulnerable populations, would need to be fully immunized or submit to testing up to three times per week. This list included staff at personal care homes.

The deadline given was October 31st. In order to comply, individuals needed to receive their first dose by September 7th and their second dose no later than October 17.

re of such things as laundry services and assisting with dressing their loved one.

"We have full cooperation from our staff," says Audette. "I thank them from the bottom of my heart on behalf of our residents."

Villa Youville has a staff of about 130, which means only about a dozen employees are not fully vaccinated. Audette explains they have already received their rapid test kits from Southern Health-Sante Sud. He says a fulltime staff member will need to be tested up to three times per week. This will be self-implemented, done at Villa Youville and Audette says test results are confirmed within about twenty minutes.

Audette says when he first learned the news this summer of the double vaccination requirement for staff, he knew this would add another layer of safety for their residents. Audette says he does not think it came as much of a surprise to staff and has been well received.