Legumex-Walker Inc has signed two agreements to acquire U.S. dry bean and sunflower processors.

The company is paying US$12 million for Minnesota-based St. Hilaire Seed Co, one of the largest edible bean processors in the U.S.

The St. Hilaire processing plant can handle 45 thousand metric tonnes, more than doubling Legumex Walker's dry bean capacity. St. Hilaire owns five receiving facilities in North Dakota and one in Minnesota.

LWI has also purchased the sunflower seed processing assets of Anderson Seed Co. for US$4.8 million, which includes a processing facility in Mentor, Minnesota and two receiving stations in North Dakota.

Along with the sunflower purchase, the company is forming a new division - Legumex Walker Sunflower - which is expected to employ around 25 people.

 "St. Hilaire materially increases the contribution from dry beans in our product mix.  It also diversifies our dry bean sourcing and processing through expansion into the American Midwest," says Joel Horn, president and CEO of Legumex Walker. "The sunflower seed facilities offer us an attractive opportunity to expand the scope of our sunflower seed business."