Hanover Soccer Club Executive

Back Row - Ashley Priest, Bob Winkler, outgoing president Norm Anderson, Alberto Blandon & Will Penner
Front Row - Brian Froese, Irai Rodriques & Trevor Leclair


The Hanover Soccer Club 2016 award winners were announced on Wednesday, November 9th at the club's annual general meeting. Norm Anderson stepped down after 17 years as president and was replaced by Ashley Priest. Matt Heinrichs and Kathy Weiss were added to the board. Brian Froese handed out the awards on behalf of the executive.


Hanover Soccer Club 2016 Award Winners
Hanover Kickers
MVP - Mitchell Martens
Golden Boot - Ritchie Rundle

Hanover Haze
MVP - Chantel Derksen
Golden Boot - Rindy Veldhuisen


Hanover Jazz MVP Miriam Gagne

Hanover Sting
MVP - Zach Friesen
Golden Boot - Matthew Thiessen

Hanover Strikers
MVP - Daniel Klassen
Golden Boot - Daniel Klassen


Hanover Vipers MVP Noah Froese

Hanover Olympia
MVP - Christo Minnaar
Golden Boot - Milber Aldana

Hanover Impact
MVP - Artur Wedel
Golden Boot - Toni Buller


Hanover Fusion MVP Christian Reimer

Hanover Jazz
U18 girls
MVP - Miriam Gagne
Golden Boot - Carly Mabon


Hanover Jazz Golden Boot award winner Carly Mabon

Hanover Hurricanes
U16 girls
MVP - Andrea Laroche
Golden Boot - Danika Morriseau


Hanover Hurricanes Golden Boot award winner Danika Morriseau

Hanover Vipers
U15 boys
MVP - Noah Froese
Golden Boot - Benny Lautenschlager


Hanover Vipers Golden Boot award winner Benny Lautenschlager

Hanover Fusion
U12 girls
MVP - Christian Reimer
Golden Glove - Baille Wiebe

Hanover Crossfire
U10 boys
MVP - Jerico Derksen
Golden Boot - Adrian de Klein

Hanover Hawks
U10 girls
MVP - Megan Friesen
Golden Boot - Taleesa Minnaar


Hanover Hurricanes MVP Andrea Laroche