It is officially the weekend we have all been waiting for – Summer in the City 

We will be on Main Street handing out Wendy’s coupons and capturing the beauty of SITC all weekend.  

There are so many activities all weekend long including rides from Wonder Shows Midway, Cultures in the City, Kids in the City, Artists in the City, Sports in the City, Patio Party, live music at Mainstage, and so much more! 

SITC Street Map 2024SITC Street Map 2024

Puzzler Escape Rooms has collaborated with SITC to bring a new experience to the festival. It’s their take on the Amazing Race and is designed to get players thinking on their toes as they race against the clock to win.  

Gabe Verrier of Puzzler Escapes says that the race is for all ages and will take place throughout the SITC grounds. 

“You will get a taste of art. You’ll get a taste of sport and skill. You’ll get a taste of fun team building. Creative, wacky ideas that we’ve come up with that will just be an all-encompassing fun hour for you and your group.” 

There isn’t a specific time that the race begins, you can plan to do it when it makes the most sense for your team so you can still enjoy all your favourite parts of SITC. 

“You can slate in your time when you want to play the game at a time that’s convenient for you,” says Verrier. “We highly encourage you to come down to our booth as early as you can and try to book your spot ahead.” 

Puzzler Escape Rooms will have a booth in front of Giant Tiger and will be open from 4pm-8pm on Friday and 12pm-8pm on Saturday.  

SITC has everything for the whole family including free rides for dad on Sunday for Father’s Day. 

Check out the Summer in the City page to see the schedule and purchase tickets.  

Find us and the Jeep Wrangler at SITC. Take a photo with the Jeep and scan the QR code to upload the photo for your chance to win a prize. 

Check out Wendy’s Show Us Your Summer on Steinbach Online to see the different prizes you can win all summer long! 


Other events you can attend this weekend: 

Friday, June 14 – SMILE of St. Malo anniversary celebration 

In celebration of SMILE of St. Malo Inc.’s 50th anniversary, they are having a free hot dog lunch for the community to enjoy. Join them for lunch and get a tour of their buildings to see what they do. You can also enter to win some silent auction prizes. 

Regular Prizes – Sheet of 25  

1 Sheet - $10.00  

3 Sheets - $25.00  

Grand Prizes – Sheet of 5  

1 Sheet - $20.00  

3 Sheets - $50.00 


Learn more about SMILE of St. Malo through their website or Facebook page. 


Saturday, June 15 - Woodridge Community Flea Market  

Woodridge is hosting their annual Flea Market at M.A. Querel Community Park from 10am-3pm. Find collectibles, antiques, pre-owned goods, and more! It is free for the public and $10 for the vendors. A BBQ lunch will also be available.  

For more information, see the Woodridge Community Club Facebook page. 


Sunday, June 16 – Family Bike Jam 

Strong Towns is hosting their second Family Bike Jam of the season, and it will take place at E.A. Friesen Park at 2:45pm. The group will depart at 3pm and go to L.A. Barkman Park, learning the side streets of Steinbach and exploring hidden paths. 

Visit the Strong Towns website for more information.  


-With files from Carly Koop