Manitoba Musicians Vern and Christina Neufeld

Every weekend we play recordings and new albums from Manitoba musicians, on our program "Made in Manitoba.

Every now and then, we get "singles" that come our way, and feel like they are certainly worth featuring also. This week we received a new song from Vern and Christina Neufeld, who you may know from Manitoba singing group "3 Mol Plaut", and "5 Acres".The song is all about a certain landmark you may pass on Hwy 75 - the little white church called "Union Point Church".  

Vern and Christina joined us on Tuesday's morning show to share the story of the just released single "Church on Hwy 75", now available on spotify! 

You can listen in on AM1250's Jayme Giesbrecht's conversation with Vern and Christina in the AM1250 Audio Vault. 

And you can find their song here: