Whether you would or would not be interested in consuming cannabis edibles at your local cafe, the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba wants to know.

The LGCA today launched a consultation to test the level of public interest in a potential new type of licence that would authorize on-site service and consumption of edible or ingestible marijuana products.

As the province’s regulatory framework for cannabis continues to change, Chief Executive Officer Kristianne Dechant says he wants to ensure the industry is adapting to the needs and wants of Manitobans.

“We are seeking the input of Manitobans to better understand their level of comfort with edible and ingestible cannabis products, licensed consumption spaces, and whether there is a desire for these types of businesses or services,” he explains.

Smoking and vaping cannabis would remain prohibited under this new licence which would exclusively include edibles such as food or beverages, non-combustible extracts such as oils or capsules, and topicals such as lotion.

The LGCA has contracted a market research and analytics firm known as “Leger” to survey a random sample of residents to gauge how Manitobans feel on the subject. The survey questions are available on the LCGA website where members of the public are invited to offer their own perspectives. Data gathered from this outreach will influence the government’s decision-making as they determine how to proceed.

The online public engagement forum will be open until Wednesday, September 30.