The Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA) has a new affiliation agreement with its seven regional branches.

The agreement includes the Alberta-British Columbia Seed Growers, Saskatchewan Seed Growers and the Manitoba Seed Grower Associations.

CSGA Executive Director Doug Miller says with the industry going through a seed industry modernization initiative it's important to have unity and a clear message.

"We anticipate this winter that CFIA will go out for a broad sector consultation on what they've heard through the first phase of the process and present some options. So, we're excited for this process. CSGA has a strong vision for the future and how the seed sector can help lead to a thriving and sustainable Canadian agricultural sector."

He says they're proud of their history as a reliable regulatory partner and are ready to expand their role.

"We're prepared to step up and do more on behalf of Canadian agriculture. Where we think we can have the biggest positive impact, is delivering a digital end to end, single window for the whole seed sector. Where CSGA becomes the main administrator of seed certification. So really, CSGA taking on a lot of the day to day administration of the Canada's seed certification system. Really building off of the special private public partnership that CSGA has had with the Canadian government going back over 100 years."

Miller notes the seed industry plays a key role as nine out of 10 bites of food globally, start with seed. 

"So, it's really important that we have a strong seed system that that is able to drive our industry forward. There's a lot of integrations with our grain system and when we look at what the seed system provides, it really enables that Canadian quality advantage.

You can hear more by clicking the link below to listen to Glenda-Lee's conversation with CSGA Executive Director Doug Miller.