A new agreement between the Rural Municipality of La Broquerie and Manitoba Infrastructure will help mitigate flooding when the winter snowfall melts several months from now.

As Deputy Reeve Ivan Normandeau explains, the drain located near the intersection of Principale Street and Highway 52 is prone to getting clogged with debris and flooding.

“It’s the province’s drain, but we tend to go clean it up for them,” states Normandeau.

Because the culvert is not technically on La Broquerie’s turf but the province’s, the RM in the past has had to request special permission to do any work there. However, Normandeau says often there is no time to wait for a response.

“There is a rush on it because the water comes up very quickly but, logistically, it could take up to two days to get their permission.”

Now, under their most recent arrangement, MI has acknowledged this issue and has granted La Broquerie the ability to work in and around the drain in emergency situations without first waiting for government approval.