Agape House’s Ribbons of Hope campaign has closed, and they announced that they raised over $4000 in total and $1400 with Clearview Co-op. 

Agape House in Steinbach is a place where individuals facing domestic violence can go to. Lisa Fast of Agape House says she is grateful for the community’s support in their mission. 

“Definitely exceeded what we thought we would raise, so it was really great to see that,” Fast says. 

November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so Agape House put on the Ribbons of Hope campaign to raise funds for their shelters and programs. Fast says they have outgrown their space and are hoping to add three more rooms to their current building.  

“That money will go directly to expanding our programs here at the shelter and our existing program. So, helping out with clients and children here, expanding our space here as well,” she says. 

Southeast Manitoba was dotted with purple ribbons in support of the campaign.  

“I really enjoyed being out there, and I'm seeing people wearing the ribbons. It makes me happy to see that,” she says. 

One of the local businesses that had ribbons was Clearview Co-op. All their locations had cooler boxes where they collected funds for the campaign. 

Geoff Dilts of Clearview Co-op says they were happy to work with Agape House.  

“We just want to give a big thanks to all of our members and customers who actually made the donations. We are happy to provide a format, but it's our customers and members who actually gave to Agape House,” Dilts says. 

Fast says when they reached out to Clearview Co-op, they were more than happy to help out. 

“It was nice to see local businesses coming together for the campaign here, and you know, working together on such an important topic,” she says. 

With files from Kenton Dyck. 


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