With the possibility of a new firehall on the horizon, Niverville Fire Chief Keith Bueckert says they’ll need to start fundraising, so they can purchase items for the hall not covered in their capital costs.  

He says, “We're trying to figure out what we're all going to need at the new fire hall that might not be covered. So, we're going to try to start fundraising for some of these items that would be beyond our normal capital expenses.” 

With that goal in mind, Bueckert says, the upcoming 10th annual Niverville Fire & EMS Perogy Fundraiser will help them start a fund for this project, as the event has helped raise monies in the past. 

“In the past, we’ve purchased items like the Cascade System, and new SCBA's (breathing air system). These suppers just help pay for things that our capital budget wouldn't be able to cover. It's been very successful. It's worked well for us, everyone enjoys the meal, and it's a nice evening.”

Niverville Fire and EMS team volunteer at perogy supperNiverville Fire & EMS team volunteer at perogy supper (photo credit: Niverville Fire & EMS Facebook)

 Bueckert notes the meal will be prepared by a group of volunteers from the Golden Friendship Centre, while the firefighters and EMS teams help with the prep work.  

“We set up and do the serving, but we leave the food prep to the professionals, like making the schmont fat, for sure. We don't want to mess that up because that's pretty key. So, we serve the cottage cheese, and potato and cheese perogies. And of course, you have to have the schmont fat", He says with a smile, "or else you're gonna hear about it, right?” 

Bueckert notes there are no tickets to reserve, just show up, but he says it might be an idea to show up early. 

“When the doors open at 5pm there's already a lineup, and that lineup is pretty much there for a good two hours. So, you want to show up early for that event because it is quite popular. So, we are really hoping that people want to come out, maybe even enjoy a perogy supper before the Nighthawks game that evening.” 

The 10th annual Niverville Fire & EMS fundraiser is taking place on Saturday, November 11 at the Golden Friendship Centre in Niverville from 5pm to 7:30pm. Entry is by donation with a tax receipt for amounts of more than $20. 


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