New emoticons are coming to a device near you!  The final emoticon list for 2019 has been approved by the powers that be and are expected to start showing up in March.  The top request from 2018, the white heart emoji has finally been added, in addition to a variety of colored square and circles and many others…...The interesting news is that this update has directly impacted our community’s ability to communicate!  

Exciting news for waffle lovers…..a waffle HAS been added!  Sources at Mennonite Heritage Village stated that they were happy to see the addition, although white sauce could have been used instead of butter.  “The only thing better than a waffle emoji is tasting the real thing...with white sauce at Summer in the City.” Good to see MHV is excited about this emoji update!

The other update that has the southeast talking is the inclusion of a gwampa...basically the horn with a straw that is used to drink yerba mate or terere.  Reaction was mixed, but one respondent was pleased with the addition saying she was grateful for it. It will become a regular used emoji for when she invites friends over to share a mate.  Although doubtful that this new emoji will encourage more people to try mate, she’s thankful for it’s inclusion in the emoticon update.

Here’s a complete listing of all the new emoticon updates set to hit devices in March!   What emoticon would best describe southeast Manitoba? Talk around the office is a perogy, a windmill, and a hockey player. If you could add one, what would it be?

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