Every month, we'll feature new animals up for adoption from Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue.

Meet Pickles

Pickles is 5 months old.

Pickles came to the shelter near the end of July. Unfortunately, Pickles was thrown from a car window and left very malnourished. Through love and dedication from the volunteers at the shelter, Pickles is happy and healthy.

Personality wise, Pickles is known to be quiet but affectionate. Pickles is great with other cats and dogs.

The cost to adopt Pickles is $120 which includes 3 vaccinations, spay, tattoo, de-worming and rabies vaccination (totals over $300 privately).


Double Adorable Trouble

Say hello to Phlox and Aster a bonded pair of brothers that always love to play wrestle and are rarely away from each other.

Both are 3 months old. They came to the shelter very tiny and abandoned. As infants, they had to be bottle fed.

Since coming to the shelter, the pair has become a couple very active kitty's, always playing, running around and have become quality entertainment to watch.

Phlox and Aster are great with little kids, other cats and dogs.

They are a bonded pair which means they come together.

The cost to adopt Phlox and Aster is $200 which includes 3 vaccinations, spay, tattoo, de-worming and rabies vaccination for both (totals over $600 privately).


For adoption details on Pickles as well as the duo of Phlox and Aster, or any thoughts about becomming a foster home to animals, contact Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue by email SteinbachAnimalRescue.com or check out their website SteinbachAnimalRescue.com


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