Magical Mystery Munsch

Saturday, January 19 turned out blustery and cold, but that didn't stop local families from heading out to Magical Mystery Munsch at the SRSS Theatre, put on by the Prairie Theatre Exchange. This year's set included a magical machine that took the actors into the very brain of Robert Munsch! Or so they thought... after going through five stories including "Murmel, Murmel, Murmel," "Look at Me" and "Mud Puddle" (hear stories online at, the characters concluded that this was not a magical machine, but books - which was just as marvelous and exciting. The cast got young members of our audience involved in both "Millicent and the Wind" (as Millicent's friend) and "ROAR!" - playing cute forest animals; a bunny, a squirrel and a mouse. At the end of the show these guest performers were invited back on stage to take a bow.
Guests were once again invited to come in their pajamas for a community-wide pajama party, and enjoy milk and cookies, plus lots more Munsch stories in our story corner before and after the show.
Congratulations to our door prize winners who won an admission, gift card and various toys and games generously donated by the Manitoba Children's Museum. Another congratulations to our 'Munsch Storywriting Contest" winners. Grade 1 student Bowen from Southwood School was our winner from the Grades 1-3 category and Grade 6 student Amber from Blumenort School was our winner from the Grades 4-6 category. Both winners read their stories at the beginning of the show, plus received free tickets for Magical Mystery Munsch.
Thanks to our show sponsors Kelvin & Kim Goertzen! Prairie Theatre Exchange always does an exceptional job, and the constant giggles, laughter and wide-eyed wonder from kids around the theatre said it all - Prairie Theatre Exchange did it again this year.
Submitted by Shannon Neufeld

Exhibitor Spills about First Exhibit

Leah Read Schroeder's half exhibit "Unscripted" was unveiled on Jan 9, 2013, along with Linda Leger's "Fall & Winter Collection." See below for an in-depth look at how this experience has enhanced Leah's love of art, and how she's gone from a "non-artist" to one who cannot help but create:

One week ago I would not have referred to myself as an artist. One week ago I hung 15 pieces of artwork in the SAC hall gallery. The day prior to the hanging I spent wrapped in angst, self-consciously peeking through a cloud of doubt. Exhibits are akin to exposure. To speak my secret thoughts on talk radio, or print my private journal in the local paper: such notions are anathema to my sense of personal privacy. These things I hold close: rolling them between the fingertips of my mind in the sanctuary of my solitude. And yet this choice: to learn in the public eye. For that is what this endeavor has been. I have tentatively reached for the brush of masters before me, becoming transparent in my infantile attempts at replication.

This process too has necessitated the exposure of others. To hold a face in your eye: bathing it with admiration; slowly undressing it to gently peer beneath the skin. To delicately hold it on your paper and discreetly clothe it with pencil, imbuing it with relationship: the relationship between muse and artist, between admired and admirer. To copy is to see: the copier becoming interwoven with the copied, until there is a third form created from the relationship: the art.

Formerly dabbling in pencil sketches, I naively decided to reach beyond my knowledge and experience. I explored different mediums. Like a child choosing markers before mastering crayons, I have run ahead and subsequently retreated in frustration and dejection, yet with the chest-fluttering, breath-catching taste of adrenaline tracing lines of silver around the cloud that is my head. The thrill of the mistake. The lure of failure. These are new and exciting boundary-flaunting ways: the way of the artist. The technique of abandon. This is what I now desire to master. To revel in imperfection as a beauty unto its own. This is where my brush with art has landed me, scathed and breathless and ready to start again and again.

I have disturbed the waters: creativity has awakened in the murky depths and I am not a little nervous of it. What dares reveal itself to me? Me, who is unworthy in ability and training, and yet has tasted the seductive sweetness of the brush, and will return over and over to the edge.

Submitted by Leah Read Schroeder

A Lively December Art Stream

We got a real treat this open house, bluegrass singers LyndaRose and Gary sang for us, with Lynda on the double bass and Gary plucking the guitar. They sounded great, and were not used to singing to a younger crowd, they said, but everyone enjoyed their fabulous, upbeat gift of music, including gospel and Christmas carols for us to sing along to.

As well as enjoying the lively music, we discussed and shared our art while sipping warm drinks. New friendships were formed as people lingered and shared in conversation. Towards the end of the evening we got out the paints again and a few people painted while latecomers ventured in after their evening out elsewhere. It was a wonderful and inspiring time once again.

Submitted by Cheryl Nickel, Resident Artist at the Loewen Green Art Scene, 306 Reimer Ave

Merry Christmas Mouse!

"Merry Christmas Mouse" was just one of the holiday poems cited by our Arts4Tots preschoolers on Dec 12 and 13 here at the Cultural Arts Centre. Parents and staff alike were delighted by the ages 3-5 Christmas Recital performance entitled "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Santa Claus also made an appearance at the end of the program to hand out presents. Thanks to all the parents who helped with the costumes, decorations, planning and food.

Holiday Tour Hits Steinbach

A new instrument was added to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's Holiday Pops concert this year - an anvil! ...Well, TWO anvils. Grade 6 student, Bryce, from Stonybrook Middle School, and Grade 5 student Tiara, from Niverville Elementary, mastered these instruments in a few moments in a rehearsal before the show - and were ready to play with vigor during the second portion of the evenings show. This opportunity didn't come to Bryce and Tiara by chance - they earned the privilege to play with Winnipeg's fine-tuned Symphony. In late November, grade five and six students from all our Southeast schools were asked to provide their ideas for the most creative use of an anvil. Bryce said, "My creative idea for the use of an anvil is a big paperweight." Tiara said, "My creative idea for the use of an anvil is the anchor for a pirate ship and then in the middle of nowhere they also have an ironing board." Other students provided ideas for a fat giant's weight room, puppy sculpture and more. Thanks to all our contestants in the 'Who Wants to Play with the Symphony?' Contest - and congratulations to our two winners!

The crowds for this event surpassed 600. It was a delight to hear these voices join in the harmony line of their choice for festive carols like 'The First Noel' and 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.' The audience also enjoyed favorites like 'Polar Express' and 'Nutcracker,' plus songs with vocals provided by guest soprano Naomi Forman (formerly from Kleefeld) and the SRSS Intermediate Female Choir directed by Kristel Peters. Maestro Richard Lee was back again this year, with all his lively passion - and humour - directing the Symphony, and our two anvil players.

The Symphony's Holiday Tour will also take them to Gladstone, Winkler and Portage la Prairie.

Submitted by Shannon Neufeld, SAC Marketing Coordinator

Santa & Smiles at Show & Sale

On Nov 30th and Dec 1st, the Southeast Artists Group had a Show and Sale at the Clearspring Shopping Center. There were 14 local artists showing their wares and selling and creating works of art in the mall. The variety of styles of art was astounding. We are always ready to welcome newcomers, just drop in and see us, we meet every Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 AM in Studio B at the Steinbach Arts Council Center (two week break at Christmas). Everyone there supports and encourages each other. I know I enjoy being a member.

Submitted by Ginette Perron

Stuffed Peppers, Music & Art

It was a busy week before this month's Art Stream on November 14, with artists picking up and dropping off their art, and others stopping in to see what was up. Twelve artists in total participated by providing something new to display, with six of them having never displayed art at the Loewen Green Art Scene before. Among these new artists included our first poet!

November's Art Stream was a low-key, casual evening. Ten people showed up and all of them stayed. More than half were musicians and filled the place with a wide range of music from Rock to hymns. Everyone enjoyed Jared's stuffed peppers and cinnamon buns and the Christmas blend coffee from Ten Thousand Villages, hot apple cider and herbal teas. Everyone had a great time! Check the events calendars on Steinbach Online or My Steinbach for the next Art Stream Open House - local art, live music and great coffee.

Submitted by Cheryl Nickel

Resident Artist at the Loewen Green Art Scene, 306 Reimer Ave

Madeline Hildebrand's "Winging it" and More

Madeline Hildebrand delighted audience with an impeccable performance of John Corigliano's "Winging It" and more on November 15th. The finale of her impressive repertoire was Samuel Barber's Sonata for Piano, op. 26 - which Madeline confessed in an interview was the hardest piece she has ever learned to play. It was hard to tell she had ever struggled with learning it, as Madeline's fingers seemingly flew across the piano's keyboard at times. With a Master of Music in Piano under her belt, and having studied with many distinguished pianists, including Jane Coop from BC, Maddy's refined playing had the audience bursting with applause.

Having grown up in Steinbach, Maddy said it was such a pleasure to be back, playing in her hometown. The evening's emcee, Michelle Sawatzky-Koop (now a radio announcer at Golden West) was Madeline's first piano teacher. Michelle's introduction of Madeline was very warm-hearted as Michelle reflected back to the level of understanding and skill Madeline had portrayed, even as a young girl just starting to play.

Also gracing the stage was Adam Krahn, our young, local guest emerging artist, who played Chopin's Nocturne in A Flat Major with skill and flare. Adam is currently studying under Dr. David Moroz at the University of Manitoba and working towards a Bachelor of Music.

Having been delighted earlier this year to find out that Madeline had been the winner of the prestigious Doris McLellan competition for live solo performance with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - which we were sure to include in our column in the local newspaper, along with congratulations - we were delighted once again to have Maddy back on the home stage for a brilliant performance showcasing her mastery of piano techniques.

Maddy also held a Master Piano Class while she was in town. The Master Class took place at the Cultural Arts Centre on November 16, and was filled to capacity, with many music teachers coming to audit and take notes for their students. We are pleased to have been able to organize this class for our local students, and thank Madeline for encouraging our inspiring artists in this way. Thanks to all those who took advantage of this opportunity. We hope there are many more to come!

Submitted by Shannon Neufeld, Marketing Coordinator

Arts4Tots Remember

Our Arts4Tots Preschool Program visited the Remembrance Day Cenotaph on the corner of Main and Reimer to honour those who have given their lives to keep peace in our country. They brought a wreath, which was left at the site, and also recited a poem:

"We are but children small. We are too little to do it all. Children may do your part. Love each other is how you start. Play without fighting. Share your games and toys. Be kind and thoughtful to all girls and boys."

They also sang a song called "Poppies."

Carol from the Royal Canadian Legion was kind enough to join the tots, instructors and parent helpers at the site, as well as some local reporters. Together, they observed a moment of silence.

Honourable Flor Marcelino Visits Arts Council

Steinbach Arts Council was pleased to welcome Honourable Flor Marcelino, Minister of Culture, Heritage & Tourism, and her assistant Elizabeth Parsons on November 7th. The women were given a tour of the Cultural Arts Centre and were introduced to Board Members, staff and some of the visual artists from the Southeast Artists Group, as well as some local media. Minister Marcelino was excited to see a painting of a place she recognized - Lieutenant Governor Philip Lee's home, which is located near the Legislative buildings in Winnipeg. The piece was done by local artist Arlene Rattai, who paints on an uncommon kind of canvas, porcelain.

The women also enjoyed some sandwiches and refreshments. is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

About the Steinbach Arts Council

The Steinbach Arts Council, an umbrella organization for performing and visual arts groups, enriches the lives of our community through development of local artists and musicians and exposure to professional art forms. The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre is a home for all these groups and their programs. It’s purpose is to create an environment where all arts disciplines can work together under one roof and share their resources and their talents with each other, and the entire Arts Community!

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