Live Jazz at Art Stream

We had our May Open House Art Stream this past Friday (the 24th) and it was wonderful, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. The musicians played mostly instrumental jazzy style in the living room late into the night. Others visited in the dining room, surrounded by lovely local art, enjoying the music, munchies and, as always, really good coffee. One lady, a reporter for the Carillon, came and took a few photos. I can say that it was a great time, full of great conversations and an evening that ended in new friendships and hugs all around. The next Art Stream Open House is on June 28th at 7pm, at the Loewen Green Art Scene, 306 Reimer Ave. Submitted by Cheryl Nickel, Loewen Green Art Scene resident artist

The Sound of Music

The Steinbach Arts Council’s production of The Sound of Music, directed by Ed and Millie Hildebrand, was a HUGE community success and an absolute JOY to be a part of! The cast and crew did a fantastic job of bringing the community together through this well-known classic… and I think we did it justice!

Personally, I was so incredibly blessed to be a part of this show! I enjoyed every minute of it, from rehearsal to production. Like thousands of others, I fell in love with The Sound of Music as a child – the music, the storyline, and the characters are all so beautiful. The film has grasped the hearts of so many people, and it was such a privilege to be able to help bring the story to life on stage through my role as Maria. Someone asked me what the most challenging part of the show was, and I had nothing to say! Maria’s story was so easy to identify with; I so deeply felt the emotions of her character. Being under the directorship of Ed and Millie was just a blast. They are so experienced at getting the best out of people, and we all just wanted to work so hard for them. Their relaxed approach, the fact that they work together as a couple, their joy… they were wonderful. And the cast! It was a large cast, and yet there was so much unity – not only in the obvious chemistry and vocal quality of the performers, but in relationships as well. The nuns sounded superb every night! (I only wished that I had known them all when I got married so they could have sung at my real wedding the way they sang when Maria and the Captain were wed.) Working alongside David Klassen was a great experience – having studied vocally under him in the past, I have looked up to him for so long, and so it was a real treat to get to share the stage with him in this capacity. I also loved the opportunity to work with my former voice teacher, Sheila Ardies – never a dull moment with Sheila (as all the nuns can surely attest to)!

The wonderful thing about a community musical is that the parts can be cast true to the age of the characters, unlike a school production where 5-year old Gretl is played by a 14-year old! Working with children made this show so fun to be a part of and such a delight for the crowd, whose hearts were stolen every night by those kids. The family that the community saw on stage was no fake; we really did become a family! Working with the seven Von Trapp children was so delightful from day one. There is so much talent in the bunch! They were full of energy and wit and ideas, and we just had so much fun together. We hugged each other, we bugged each other… they are forever in my heart. I missed them so much on Monday morning that we’ve already planned a family reunion! My heartfelt thanks go out to all who were involved in the show – cast and crew, to Ed and Millie Hildebrand, to the Steinbach Arts Council, and to the community who so eagerly supported this production. It has etched a wonderful memory in my heart, and I think it will be remembered by the community for a long time.

Submitted by Kristy Penner - "Maria" in The Sound of Music at SRSS Theatre, Steinbach

April 17-21, 2013

Art Stream Open House

This last open house we had on March 22nd was fantastic. Fifteen year old Raechell Koop brought a piano and she played and sang her original songs for the public. We enjoyed her unique and beautiful voice, and her down to earth lyrics touched our hearts and emotions. Her sister Shantal, a young budding artist also brought her art to show people. It was quite an enjoyable evening for everyone who ventured over to the Leowen Green Art Scene, despite the cold weather. Artist Lindsay Chornopuysky brought a painting to work on and experimented in a new style, it was interesting to see her art in the works. Thank you to everyone who came out to the open house! And thanks to local artists Wendy Winther and Shantal Koop who brought new art to showcase.

Submitted by Cheryl Nickel, Resident Artist at the Loewen Green Art Scene

The Diary of Sherlock Holmes

On Friday, March 15th Sherlock Holmes was deep in the thick of another mystery - a pencil thief was on the loose. Among the suspects: students and staff from a local high school, including the neglected custodian and the pencil passionate principal.

Backyard Theatre Company students did an outstanding job unrolling the plot of this particularly humorous crime scene. They chose to tell the story through a variety of monologues that included observations of various characters in the story.

This was the first time the Backyard Theatre Company has participated in the Southeastern Manitoba Festival in several years. Adjudicator Talia Pura was impressed not only with the performance, but also that the skit had been written by Backyard Theatre instructor Michaela Senkiw, with the help of students Siobhan Toews-Thiessen and Justice Sperling. Students received lots of great feedback, and also a mini-lesson from Ms. Pura on creating 'tableaus,' a kind of still-frame where the actors freeze in various positions to help tell the story - a great way to add interest to your dramatization.

The students competed non-competitively under the Theatre Arts Drama Adaptation, Own Choice category for grades 7-9.

Submitted by Shannon Neufeld, Marketing Coordinator, with the help of Michaela Senkiw, Backyard Theatre instructor


The Destino concert on Thurs, March 14 at Grace Mennonite Church was an exceptional display of talent, as well as showmanship. The four young stars - Roy, Joey, Rosemary and Terance - delighted crowds with everything from various Italian numbers to a contemporary piece they'd learned in the car on the way from the Winnipeg International Airport to Steinbach. Gospel singer Terance gave a heartfelt introduction to a medley including "Great is Thy Faithfulness," "His Eye is on the Sparrow," and "Amazing Grace." He said he hoped it blessed the crowd like it blesses his group each time they sing it together. You could see smiles and tears as the crowd took in these familiar numbers. Applause erupted after the four members of Destino finished the medley with unaccompanied four-part harmony. Throughout the night, it must be said that Roy Tan, also known as "Roy Pod" truly lived up to his reputation as a virtuosic pianist. Rosemary Siemens also brought rich accompaniment expressed with the $15,000 bow she received as a gift and the 300 year old violin which she carries from concert to concert in a dazzling case covered in sparkles.

Destino also performed some familiar contemporary numbers: "You Raise Me Up" and "Yesterday." "A Mother's Love" touched hearts and ushered in their final, closing number "New York, New York" - performed for the first time by Destino on our Steinbach stage.

Thanks to Destino for this amazing performance and for staying around after the show for photos and autographs. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who made this concert possible, and to all our community members who came out. For more on Destino, visit their website

Submitted by Shannon Neufeld, Marketing Coordinator

Inside Out

"Art is an illusion. Artists are illusionists. Their job is to lie. To convince the viewer that what they are seeing is believable and true," says Ryan Polinsky, the art teacher at Steinbach Christian High School. Ryan was one of three special guest speakers at the Exhibit Opening for "Inside Out" by SCHS Grade 11 and 12 students. Ryan was also the mastermind behind the exhibit - inspired by artist Ben Heine. The exhibit featured digitally altered photographs posing "what if" scenarios. Some took the road of satire and poked fun at certain topics or conventions. Some took the road of social commentary and created serious questions for the view to contemplate. The end result included everything from a volleyball turned bomb, Spiderman hanging off the side of a sky scraper, and a modern-looking young man grafted in to an old Country Western family photograph.
Frances Funk, Chairperson for the Steinbach Arts Council Board of Directors also brought greetings, as well as special guests Deputy Mayor Michael Zwaggstra and Christian High Interim Principal Scott Wiebe.
A big thanks to the Southeast Visual Arts Committee for helping make this event such a success, and to committee member Gary Holden emceeing the event. Also thanks to all the family, friends and teachers who came out to support our local students.
"Inside Out" will be on display in the Cultural Arts Centre Hall Gallery until March 22, 2013.

Happily Valentined

The Arts4Tots Preschoolers from our four-days/week program had a blast doing creative Valentine projects this week. We hope you did too! I've pasted in some creative Valentine ideas from our February 14th Eye on the Arts column, located in the local Carillon newspaper:
1. Families – Find somewhere (or something) “warm and fuzzy,” then take a family photo to upload to the Century 21 Gold Key Realty Facebook page. Plus, you could win $50 towards more family fun!
2. Try your hand at a Valentine’s art project. The Arts Council loves the step-by-step craft ideas under the Projects tab at
3. Parents with toddlers – Drop in to the Arts4Tots Preschool Program with your tot this afternoon. Spend quality time with your child while participating in fun activities. Our classes are filling up – please call the day before to ensure your spot!
4. Couples – Make a resolution for building your relationship! Try something new together – like Waltz or Cha Cha lessons, being offered through the Arts Council starting March 5th. Can you think of anything else that would bring you ‘closer’ together?
5. The Destino concert is exactly one month away. Take a stroll down Reimer Avenue and drop by the Arts Centre to pick up your tickets for a night of timeless melodic harmonies. Then head over to your favorite coffee shop – we’re only a few blocks from Tim Hortons, LBees and PS Cakes!
6. Be creative with what you love! Write a poem, a song, create something entirely unique! Just take the time to do it!!

Happy Valetines from Steinbach Arts Council!
Submitted by Shannon Neufeld, Marketing Coordinator

Out2Arts Synergy & Fun

Grades 1-4 students had a blast at the Cultural Arts Centre yesterday doing drama and art. Miss Kamille was out from the XCOMPANY Physical Arts Training Centre to guide the students down a journey of dramatic discovery. For the arts workshop, the Arts Council had visual arts veteran Gabrielle Doll come out and teach the kids a thing or two about the proportions in your face. Woodlawn School visited the Arts Centre as part of a Student Recognition program. Our Out2Arts workshops were the perfect match for students - getting them out of their regular school environment and welcoming them into a unique, creative learning experience.

And we made sure each student got a yummy lollipop before they left :)

A Creative Look into Theatre

Never a dull moment with at Backyard Theatre Company! With games galore to make acting fun, instructors Michaela and Jeremy enjoy seeing what kind of improvisation techniques the students will employ. This week, students were asked to create a scene that would be described to them - including Ancient Greece, an igloo and... a group of people with broken legs?? is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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