Woodmass Workshop

We had a great evening with homegrown talent, Rebecca Woodmass, last night at a Master Class workshop. Four young talents – Aryn, Dryden, Abby and Erica - had the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from this successful emerging artist. We were pleased to welcome another 20 musicians and teachers, who audited the workshop. And what did Rebecca say? Well, “Try singing that happy song as sadly as possible..." which created results that surprised and inspired those present. We even got a sneak peek at Rebecca’s own vocal skills with a song that touched our hearts.

Our thanks to Rebecca who came right off a plane from Montreal to teach, inspire and have fun here at the Steinbach Arts Centre. We are looking forward to her concert coming up this Friday, October 25th, right here at the Cultural Arts Centre!

Submitted by Liz Markwart, Events Coordinator

Pottery Passion

What's hot at the Arts Centre?! Our first session of Pottery Passion is wrapping up in a few weeks, with a new session starting on Oct 24!

Here's a break down of one of our Thursday night classes from instructor Becky Mendelsohn:

"Thursday's Pottery Passion class is a mixture of ages. We have two mom-daughter teams in our group. Three students are returning students, but we're all working on getting a handle on how to throw on the pottery wheel. I did a demonstration of wheel throwing and then set the group free to try, and everyone did. The aim is to try and try until your hands and body "get" how to center the clay. It's like riding a bicycle - you can't read about it and then hop on, you've got to do it over and over until it works. At our next meeting we will start with a small handbuilding exercise as many in the group haven't had that experience."

Amazing Racers & Community Support!

The weather was perfect Saturday afternoon for the second annual Amazing Race: Steinbach Edition, hosted by the Creative Youth Council. 14 teams of four people raced around Steinbach and area completing fun and challenging activities at local businesses. The race ended at the Steinbach Arts Council around 4pm for a free barbecue supper (sponsored by Earl's Meat Market).

A big thank you to all the businesses who supported the Amazing Race: Steinbach Edition by being a stop in the race and providing prizes. All teams went to Video Max where they found a specially marked DVD and acted out a movie. At the Mennonite Heritage Village they memorized and recited a quote to a 'Pioneer' hiding in the gallery. The Jake Epp Library was another stop, where the racers found a 'themed' book using the Dewey Decimal System, then telling the librarian where their next challenge was. At the City of Steinbach Fire Department one team member did a physical challenge dressed in the Fire Fighter uniform. Then teams were challenged with a home-made logic game at a volunteer's home, and had to choose between eating spicy wings at Boston Pizza or three pounds of ice cream at Bumpers on 52. Teams then went back to SAC to learn a county line-dance taught by Lorna Sobering and family, then it was off to Clearspring Centre where they were surprised to learn they were going to sing karaoke with 'The Man in Black' Johnny Cash (Corny Rempel) in front of a Live audience! The next detour sent teams either to the Steinbach Corn Maze and Adventures, or to a local farm to build a turkey enclosure. Teams also delivered roses from Heier Designs Florist to residents at Woodhaven and finally completed another physical challenge at LA Barkman Park with Shanley from Fabufitness.

Racers from last year wanted a more physical and longer challenging race and the Creative Youth Council provided! Everyone had a lot of fun and it showed by the way the teams would dash from their cars laughing their way to the final pit stop at the Steinbach Arts Centre, being cheered on by members of Steinbach's Elite Scorpions Cheer team. The winning team was the "Rogue Warriors" who completed the race in just under 2 1/2 hrs, received 4 tickets to the upcoming Bomber home game, thanks to Goldenwest Radio, along with a $100 gift certificate donated by Boston Pizza, and a Video Max movie basket. "The Lions" came in second place winning passes to the Steinbach Corn Maze and Adventures along with a Video Max movie basket, and third place, "Draggin Aces", also received a basket from Video Max, along with free meal coupons to the MHV Livery Barn. "The Superheroes in Training" won for best costume - Super Dad, Super Mom, Cat girl, and Bat boy. The family did a great job putting together their amazing looking outfits. They won gift cards and Tshirts from Bumpers on 52. "Les Incroyables" won the bonus photo challenge for taking photos of their team at every challenge, taking home Bumpers on 52 gift cards as well.

This event would not have been possible without the incredible Creative Youth Council volunteers and team leader, Alicia Loewen. Thinking up challenges, approaching businesses to participate and organizing this event. Thank you also to the community of volunteers and supporters of the CYC and the Arts Centre. The Creative Youth Council is already looking forward to AMAZING RACE: Steinbach Edition 2014!

Submitted by Alicia Loewen

See more details and photos at www.steinbachartscouncil.ca under Creative Youth Council past events!

Summing it Up - Summer Camps Say Farewell

Ages 5-12 had a lot of fun at our Summer Arts Day Camps this July and August. Scroll down to read some last thoughts from our Director and Assistant Directors:

The Steinbach Arts Day Camps were a blast this year! We had tons of field trips, water fights, crafts, silly songs, and pool trips to help curb boredom this summer! One of the most memorable moments for me was during our Community Fun week. We had the pleasure of going Mix 96, getting a tour and recording a commercial for them! When we first arrived, Corny welcomed the kids in that big, booming voice of his and I knew it was going to be a wonderful tour! He took us through the building and ushered the kids into a small, sound-proof room. While he was getting the kids all excited about recording a commercial, one little boy was determined to not be excited. It took him everything he had to keep a frown on his face, and pretend to be grumpy as he would NOT BE IN A COMMERCIAL! It took Corny all of five minutes to have him making monkey noises like the rest of the children! Next, we continued our tour to the radio station's break room, where Corny mystified the kids with the idea of an underground pipe from 7-11 to the break room, so he could have a slurpee whenever he wanted! I'll never forget another little boy who stated, "That will never happen! It would be too expensive! And how would you pay for every slurpee? Could they put something on it to slide your credit card through?" Corny will be striking a deal with 7-11 any day now! Finally, we made our way to Corny's studio where he recorded the kids voices and messed with the way that they sounded! Then... surprise! We were able to listen to our very own commercial! The look on the kids faces was priceless and to make it even better, we were given a CD of the commercial for a keepsake! Thanks again to Mix 96 for a wonderful tour, and thank you to the Steinbach Arts Council for letting me join in the fun and get to be a kid again this summer!

Sage Robinson, SADC Director 2013

It's hard to believe summer has come to a close, but another season of SAC summer day camps has come and gone! New friendships formed, the inside of a piano was explored, sports were played, songs were learned, collages were made, scavenger hunts were completed, costumes were worn, and dances were danced. Books were read, hands were painted, and cookies were baked. In each of these and many other activities, the campers were allowed to discover that many things about their lives are art and that each one of them has creative talent. I (and I'm sure my co-directors) would like to thank all of our campers for making this summer such a fun time for us! I can honestly say that this job really didn't feel like work. The campers' smiles, laughter, creativity, and artistry helped to make each day an exciting adventure. Thanks for a great summer, and good luck as you start a new school year!

Candace Hamm, Assistant Director

It was a tremendous blessing to work with the children at Summer Arts Day Camps. Even on those days when the sun was shy and hiding behind the clouds, I could always count on the smiles and joy of the children to bring radiance to the room. There certainly wasn’t a dull day to be had this summer at SADC, and I was honoured to work there as Assistant Director. Whether it was helping lead games and activities, or step-by-step teaching the children to paint flamingos, I can say with full confidence that this was an awesome job and a great experience.

I loved being able to contribute something positive to the children and community. I loved seeing the creativity blossom and grow from sometimes even the shyest child. It was great to be able to help build and develop a positive appreciation for the Arts, and to help each child recognize that every single one of them is an artist in one way or the other. We all have an artistic side, and we are all creative at something. I was privileged to have a job that allowed me to help people see that in themselves. Thank you Steinbach Arts Council, my co-Directors, and a special thanks to the children who made the summer so remarkable.

Malcolm Munroe, Assistant Director

Registration Day Kicks Off 35th Season

Community members had a riot at SAC's Fun Fair and Registration Day on Thursday, August 29th. Free hot dogs, balloons, face painting and a bouncer meant family fun for everyone. And what's everybody's favorite part of Registration Day? It's the 10% off great programming including Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Theatre, Cooking, Visual Arts, Creative Wellness, Visual Arts, Languages and the Arts4Tots Preschool Program. Many also took part in free workshops like Hip Hop and Stage Combat - instructed by XCOMPANY. Maia Maria Cruz from our Yoga staff, and Kimberley Koop - who will be teaching some brand new Pilates classes this Fall - had free 1/2 hours sessions for the public to try.

We are excited to be kicking off not only a new season, but our 35th season! What a landmark. Instructors helped cut our 35th anniversary celebration cake, and also participated in a special Hawaiian Hula mini-workshop, also instructed by XCOMPANY.

A big thanks to the instructors and volunteers who helped out at this event! If you missed Registration Day, don't worry - you can still sign up. Just call, or stop by. For more information, start times and locations of classes, check out www.steinbachartscouncil.ca. Hope to see you at the Centre this Fall. Try something new! You'll love our Arts and Recreation programming, professional studios and instructors... You just can't lose. Steinbach Arts Centre is located at 304 Second Street, Steinbach.

"Nature Gone Wild" at Pioneer Days Parade

All kinds of animals rode the Steinbach Arts Council float on August 2, 2013 during the Pioneer Days Parade! Bugs, monkeys, butterflies, elephants and even a giraffe took a ride down Main Street. Summer Arts Day Camps had a blast waving at the crowd. Our volunteers were handing out suckers and coupons for $10 off classes. We also had Creative Youth Council members with us handing out flyers for the Amazing Race coming up on Sept 21, 2013. We also had some talented XCOMPANY dancers with us. It was great to see everyone at the parade.

Summer Fun at Arts Camps

The Steinbach Arts Council's summer day camps are underway, and all involved are having a fantastic time! This week the theme is 'Inventor's Workshop', and the campers have been learning about science, building towers out of marshmallows and toothpicks, playing with slimy 'gak', trying out their dance moves in hip hop class, and playing drama games! Homemade rock candy, an egg drop, rockets, and a trip to the Steinbach Aquatics Center are also in the works!

While each week has a different theme, all of the camps focus on exploring the arts! Weekly trips to an art gallery, the Jake Epp library, yoga, dance classes, drama, and music ensure that kids get a taste of many different creative outlets! To all the campers who have already come and gone, thanks for the great times! To those who will be joining us in the next few weeks, we are so excited to see you! Get ready for an awesome week!

Submitted by Candace Hamm, Summer Arts Day Camps Assistant Director

Painting on the Patio at Loewen Green

Colleen Watchorn taught a FREE painting class on July 17th at the Loewen Green Art Scene located at 306 Reimer Ave. Keep posted on the Steinbach Online events calendar for more FREE classes coming up this summer from 1-3pm!

Here's what Colleen had to say about this week's free class: "What a great turn out for my first free art class of the summer! It was nice to see some new faces, as well as familiar faces from last summer's classes, and the summer arts day camp kids ! I had decided to do a summer landscape picture, with a summer sky, stream and flowers, it's always tricky to know how hard/easy to make the lesson, but after seeing the end results, I think this was a good choice as some very amazing paintings left that day! One great moment would have to be meeting a woman who had never picked up a brush, yet obviously had wanted to for a long time. She really had a natural ability and I hope this class was just the first step in her art journey! Very fun time, looking forward to doing another class in August!" Submitted by Colleen Watchorn, Artist

Colleen's next free class is coming up on Tuesday, August 6th.

'Small' Outdoor Concert Series - Huge Success

As the Summer Festival Coordinator, I'm writing from the perspective of someone behind the scenes. For me, the KR Barkman Concerts in the Park series - which happens every year in June (and sometimes July) - has been an amazing experience right from the very first concert. Each and every performer brought a smile to my face with their infectious smiles. And Manitoba, we have some serious talent! I'm so happy to have been able to be a part of getting these talented performers on our local stage at the KR Park. Watching the crowds interact with these performers - everything from singing along and dancing - was a rewarding experience. Crowds upwards of 300 people showed up to support and enjoy our local musicians and bands.

Some of this summer's highlights (in no particular order) were seeing a group of five kids run up to 'Elvis' (Corny Rempel) mid-performance and present him with lilacs they had picked for him. I loved watching Coffieman's mini dance lesson that got 20 people up and dancing. Another heart warming moment happened when Jordan St Cyr dedicated a song to his son. I liked watching members of the community stroll into the park, set up their chairs, and take in the music. I think Soul Purpose said it best: "There's something attractive about making music in the outdoors in the presence of friends enjoying a sunny day in a beautiful venue."

So KR Park, it's been an excellent month.

Bravo and thanks to our 2013 KR Barkman series performers for an amazing season: May Flowers in June, Jordan St Cyr, Corny Rempel, The Devon Gillingham Trio, the SRSS Jazz Band, Shannon Shewchuk, Dan Thiessen, Barbara Joy, Trevor Johnson, The Chammartin Family, Maxine Peters, Rhianna Rae, Coffieman and Soul Purpose. A big thanks to Barkman Concrete Foundation for their support of these shows.

The KR Barkman series is an initiative of Steinbach Arts Council to provide performance opportunities for local artists; a venue, technical equipment and marketing. KR Barkman concerts are free for the public to enjoy.

Hope to see you next year at the KR Park... in good community company listening to some amazing Manitoban talent.

Submitted by Kyra Loewen, SAC Summer Staff

Creative Wedding Proposal

Congratulations to one of Steinbach's newest engaged couples Austin and Antonia! Austin proposed in a very creative way last Tuesday, May 28th. The couple visited the Loewen Green Arts Scene at 306 Reimer Ave and had their caricature drawn. Little did Antonia know that the Art Scene's resident artist, Cheryl Nickel, was in on a little secret. Cheryl wordlessly added a speech bubble with the words, "Will you marry me?" When Cheryl revealed the picture, there was a look of shock and excitement, and then a big "Yes!"

Best wishes to the happy couple.

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