Pioneer Days Parade

Steinbach's Annual Pioneer Days Parade was a great success this year! With so many beautifully decorated and themed floats, vehicles and citizens to represent Steinbach's heritage and culture, and the "perfect weather" was the icing on the cake!

The Steinbach Arts Council’s Summer Arts Day Camp, was thrilled to part take in this event on their very own float. July 27th - 31st was Super Hero week at the day camp, and our Super Hero's worked very hard on their costumes which they wore to protect their secret identities while on duty to serve and protect the citizens of Steinbach.

Pioneer Day Parade Super Hero Float July 31 2015

Art & Soul - Bev Unger and Olivia Peters

'Art & Soul'

Bev Unger and Olivia Peters

On Wed May 27th - Bev Unger and Olivia Peters had their exhibit opening for 'Art & Soul'  The exhibit is featured in The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre Hall Gallery and is on display until June 22, 2015. 

Jac Siemens City Councillor - brought wonderful greetings on behalf of The City of Steinbach.  Bev Unger- Local Artist - shared greetings on behalf of Olivia Peters and herself.  After the exhibit ceremony - artists and guests were invited to enjoy refreshments. Come enjoy this Hall Gallery Exhibit!

Backbeat School of Music - Final Spring Practice



Backbeat School of Music was a great success this winter!  This young group of artists mentored by Trevor Schellenberg and other skilled mentors were given a great opportunity to learn music skills.  One of these skills included learning how to play together in a band.  Caleb Penner - Guitar, Siobhan Toews-Thiessen - Piano and Tenor Saxophone, Parker Toews - Drums and Devon Heiland - Guitar were the members of Backbeat School of Music this past winter.

The Steinbach Arts Council and Trev Schellenberg has future plans for Backbeat School of Music continuing and hope to get more young artists OUT OF THERE BASEMENT to share their talent with other artists! USE BACKBEAT 1

Backbeat 2


Backbeat 3




Mon Mar 23rd CADENCE brought their unique talent to Steinbach, MB at the Grace Mennonite Church! 

Canada's premiere vocal group featured a hypnotic blend of complex harmonies, intricate arrangements, vocal dexterity, and just plain fun with familiar and fresh melodies.....even JUSTIN BIEBER - the crowd was excited! 

One individual approached The Steinbach Arts Council staff and was excited and surprised to say, "I never knew someone could sing to sound like an instrument?  - THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!"

The Grace Church was filled with wonderful harmonies from classics to modern pieces.  What a great concert!

SAM 0117


SAM 0124

17th Annual Open Judged Exhibit

SOJE 2014 059

The Steinbach Arts Council is excited to kick off their 17th Annual Southeast Open Judged Exhibit on April 10th!  There have been MANY local artists that have applied for the exhibit, we are excited to see what talent and creativity is coming to the centre.  The submission date for artwork for individuals that applied is ONLY on Thurs. Mar 26th between             9 am - 8 pm at The Steinbach Arts Council.  Please ensure that your artwork has the proper eye hooks for hanging and your completed artwork label is fastened to the back. 

Please join us on FRi. Apr 10th at 7 pm at The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre for the Opening Reception.  ALL ARE WELCOMED!  No Admission, toonie donations are appreciated. 




SOJE 2014 030 

The Southeast Artists Group - Exhibit Opening - Kaleidoscope

Southeast Artists Group - Kaleidoscope

On Wed Feb 11th - The Southeast Artists Group had their exhibit opening for Kaleidoscope 'Multi Art Mediums'  The exhibit is featured in The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre Hall Gallery and is on display until March 27, 2015. 

Frances Funk - Board Chair of The Steinbach Arts Council - brought wonderful greeting on behalf of The Steinbach Arts Council.  Arlene Enns - Local Artist - shared greetings on behalf of The Southeast Artists Group and Mr. Earl Funk expressed warm greatings from The City of Steinbach.  After the exhibit ceremony - artists and guests were invited to enjoy refreshments. 


Meet the Southeast Artists Group

                        The Southeast Artists Group is an informal group of artists who share a common passion for art and painting. There are no formalities and the only prerequisite to join is membership in the Steinbach Arts Council. The group began in January 2010 and meets every Tuesday morning at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre to paint and create together.

SAG member Gary Holden says the reason for the group’s existence is to enjoy the company and encouragement of fellow artists. This group provides a format to share our work outside our homes and ensures we set aside a couple of hours each week for the development of our craft. It offers confidence that what we do as artists is important and provides opportunities for growth.

Members work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, pencil, or ink drawing. Artists of all ages and abilities in Southeast Manitoba are invited to join. For information, call Gary Holden at 346.9623.


IMG 8903   IMG 8932

         Board Chair - Frances Funk Brings Greetings                Artists Gary Holden Talks about Artwork









Red Hat Society Tours The Steinbach Cutlural Arts Centre

                                        Red hat Society


                                        The Red Hat Society Tours The Steinach Cultural Arts Centre

What a enjoyable experience - The Red Hat Society visited The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre on Thursday January 29th, 2015.  Chief Creative Officer, Cind Rempel Patrick, shared many historical and art-filled facts - truly a pleasure for our centre.

After a wonderful artist and historical tour, the ladies had tea time in one of our professional art-filled studios.





Tapestries: Follow The Thread

A wonderful exhibit has been featured in the hall gallery at The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre. Tapestries: Follow The thread - Fibre Arts - Embroidery.

The Stienbach Christian High School filled our hall gallery with beautiful art work for the community to see.Come check out the hall gallery featuring Tapestries until Feb 6th, 2015.


IMG 8664

Next Exhibit: Kaleidoscope - Multi Art mediums

Bringing the Glory Down!

WSO picThe glory was brought down December 2nd by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra along with the Hanover Holiday Singers and other guests at the Holiday Pops concert. My hair is still standing on end from the shivers up my spine! What a wonderful feast of sound!

I was honoured to have been included as guest artist to show my Nativity painting titled “The Commitment” which is also meant to bring glory to the newborn king. Cards and prints were for sale and remain for sale at Steinbach Arts Council.

Viewers were intrigued to know that local people modeled for the characters in the painting. I bought used sheets from MCC to sew costumes and invited some “Gracers” over for a photo session. Then I went to local farms to get pictures of animals. Three months later this painting was completed.

I’ve been painting farm animals, but this project began when last winter my husband Gary Brown and I were brainstorming painting ideas and we thought: there were farm animals at the nativity, why not paint that? However, we decided to make it a little different than typical nativity images by focusing on Joseph – he is holding baby Jesus.

The following story appears on the back of the cards and prints:

The Commitment

Original painting by Lynda Toews: 50 x 40 inches; prints: 24 x 19 inches; cards: 7 x 5 inches

Most Nativity paintings feature Mary holding the baby Jesus. This painting calls attention to Joseph’s commitment to God, and of course God’s commitment to us.

When Mary became pregnant through the Holy Spirit, she and Joseph were betrothed to be married. Abstinence and fidelity were expected during betrothal, and adultery during this time meant divorce by Jewish law and custom. When Mary told Joseph she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, he thought she had actually committed adultery and he would have been considered righteous under the law to divorce her. In fact, marrying her could have been a public humiliation in this honour-driven culture.

When God reveals the truth to Joseph about Mary’s virgin conception, his faith is strong enough to believe it. Valuing his commitment to God above his own honour, he weds Mary and allows her to remain a virgin until she gives birth. We hear no more about Joseph after Jesus is 12 years old.

The donkey, with its dorsal stripe forming a cross pointing up to baby Jesus in the painting, foreshadows Jesus riding a donkey colt into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday shortly before his execution. The donkey represented coming in peace and humility, otherwise Jesus would have been riding a princely stallion.

The shepherd’s teaching of his young grandson on the left, the faceless shepherd’s care for his flock, and the ewe’s relationship with her lamb point to other forms of humble commitment as well.

God’s commitment to us involved foregoing honour. He accepted the ultimate vulnerability to be born as a human infant to poor and humiliated parents into a world hostile to his presence. He abandoned power and honour for the sake of love to the point of dying on a cross for us. Of all the world’s faiths, only Christianity offers a God who embraces our pain with us. is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

About the Steinbach Arts Council

The Steinbach Arts Council, an umbrella organization for performing and visual arts groups, enriches the lives of our community through development of local artists and musicians and exposure to professional art forms. The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre is a home for all these groups and their programs. It’s purpose is to create an environment where all arts disciplines can work together under one roof and share their resources and their talents with each other, and the entire Arts Community!

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