The "This & That" exhibit by local artist Don Hoeppner is on now at the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre Hall Gallery! It's a beautiful display of watercolor paintings. Gorgeous flowers and landscapes are all up for sale. Come check it out!

Here is Don's speech, which he delivered at the Exhibit Opening for "This & That" on Wed, Jan 8, 2014 (some in point form):

"Good evening friends -- I don`t think my family showed up - so, friends it is only. Thanks to everyone for coming and the script say - 'thanks for coming and supporting the arts.' But if you just came to say 'hi' or for the snackies or for a glass of wine - that`s good too. Thanks to Cari Penner and the city council and all you taxpayers for your support. Thanks to the SAC board - the energetic people like Suke for all their work behind the scenes.

Don Hoeppner and Suke Koeuth Don with Suke Koeuth, S.A.C. Board Member and local business owner

Thanks to the SAC staff, to the SAC volunteers - for the snackies and refreshments.

And thanks to the good people who helped me hang my stuff on the walls.

For some reason, I was chosen to say a few things tonight. It was suggested that I say a bit about the 'why' and the 'what' of my hobby. Why do I do it and What inspires me -- In other words - why do I paint a picture of a flower one day and the next day I paint a picture of a dead tree. Why -- What - maybe signs of a split personality -- Its questions I think they might ask me at a therapy session - what do you feel like when you paint a flower picture? - why do you think you like to paint pictures of dead trees? - did you have a happy childhood? Someday I hope to have the answers. Can you imagine a cave man being asked about that picture of a wildebeest he scratched on the cave wall. What and Why -- He might have said - I hungry, I conquer, I kill and then woman said - go to your room and so I draw picture of wildebeest.

Maybe drawing pictures is like trying to get control of life, to devour it (symbolically), organize it, to understand it. Maybe. Okay, whatever - I don’t know.

Anyway - I don’t want to infuse a whole lot of noble and philosophical thoughts into what I do as a hobby. I`ll leave that deep stuff to intellectual giants like John Neufeld. So I`ll just say - I paint when I`m in a good mood and when I`m not then I don’t paint.

Enough of that -- Thanks again for braving the cold and coming out - - stay awhile - help yourself to a glass of wine, refreshment, snackies - enjoy the good company - hope you have a good evening - hope you enjoy the show"

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