The Steinbach Arts Council’s production of The Sound of Music, directed by Ed and Millie Hildebrand, was a HUGE community success and an absolute JOY to be a part of! The cast and crew did a fantastic job of bringing the community together through this well-known classic… and I think we did it justice!

Personally, I was so incredibly blessed to be a part of this show! I enjoyed every minute of it, from rehearsal to production. Like thousands of others, I fell in love with The Sound of Music as a child – the music, the storyline, and the characters are all so beautiful. The film has grasped the hearts of so many people, and it was such a privilege to be able to help bring the story to life on stage through my role as Maria. Someone asked me what the most challenging part of the show was, and I had nothing to say! Maria’s story was so easy to identify with; I so deeply felt the emotions of her character. Being under the directorship of Ed and Millie was just a blast. They are so experienced at getting the best out of people, and we all just wanted to work so hard for them. Their relaxed approach, the fact that they work together as a couple, their joy… they were wonderful. And the cast! It was a large cast, and yet there was so much unity – not only in the obvious chemistry and vocal quality of the performers, but in relationships as well. The nuns sounded superb every night! (I only wished that I had known them all when I got married so they could have sung at my real wedding the way they sang when Maria and the Captain were wed.) Working alongside David Klassen was a great experience – having studied vocally under him in the past, I have looked up to him for so long, and so it was a real treat to get to share the stage with him in this capacity. I also loved the opportunity to work with my former voice teacher, Sheila Ardies – never a dull moment with Sheila (as all the nuns can surely attest to)!

The wonderful thing about a community musical is that the parts can be cast true to the age of the characters, unlike a school production where 5-year old Gretl is played by a 14-year old! Working with children made this show so fun to be a part of and such a delight for the crowd, whose hearts were stolen every night by those kids. The family that the community saw on stage was no fake; we really did become a family! Working with the seven Von Trapp children was so delightful from day one. There is so much talent in the bunch! They were full of energy and wit and ideas, and we just had so much fun together. We hugged each other, we bugged each other… they are forever in my heart. I missed them so much on Monday morning that we’ve already planned a family reunion! My heartfelt thanks go out to all who were involved in the show – cast and crew, to Ed and Millie Hildebrand, to the Steinbach Arts Council, and to the community who so eagerly supported this production. It has etched a wonderful memory in my heart, and I think it will be remembered by the community for a long time.

Submitted by Kristy Penner - "Maria" in The Sound of Music at SRSS Theatre, Steinbach

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