Tues, Jan 24thThe Melville Boys

Hi, I’m Becky, a Katimavik volunteer. Katimavik is Canada’s leading youth volunteer service organization http://www.katimavik.org/. In the next six months, my team and I will travel to Steinbach, MB and Chisasibi, QC to volunteer with not-for-profit organizations. I have been in Steinbach for three weeks now, and this week my team and I helped as stage hands with Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and the play “The Melville Boys.”

I had such an enjoyable time watching “The Melville Boys”. The set up was incredible, it felt as though I was really in a cabin by the lake and was watching Lee and Owen Melville and their experience. The lights were just perfect and again helped me feel as though I was actually there. The bright colors of the set were very attractive and I couldn’t help but scan over them. The actors themselves were amazing too; Owen was the comedian who always lightened the mood and made the audience laugh, whereas his brother Lee was more of the serious type—a great balance. The character Mary and her sister Loretta were a great addition to the act, it made it feel whole and just the way the actors played their roles made it seemed very realistic and enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the subject the play was based off of; it is a very realistic and hot topic and they nailed it right on the head. This play had two very different sides to it; serious and hilarious. They were portrayed very well and I can guarantee that anyone whom was watching will say the same. The performance both brought a smile to your lips and, at times, tears to your eyes.

In my opinion, the performance of Owen Melville was especially good. He was the happy-go-lucky brother who just wanted to have fun and enjoy his time with his brother at the lake that weekend. However, he held a very deep worry for his brother—who was dying. He came across as a man with a big heart, which he kept hidden by bottling up his emotions.

This event was located at SRSS Theatre which I found to be a very close and convenient venue. There was just the right amount of space for everyone to get around and for the 10 minute intermission, a large area for people to enjoy themselves in. As a volunteer who helped both set up and take down the set; I really do think the effort put into it was well worth it because a fantastic play came out of it. The staff were incredible people to work with and I really enjoyed working alongside of them.

All in all, I really enjoyed this play and would certainly come to see it again.

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