Ages 5-12 had a lot of fun at our Summer Arts Day Camps this July and August. Scroll down to read some last thoughts from our Director and Assistant Directors:

The Steinbach Arts Day Camps were a blast this year! We had tons of field trips, water fights, crafts, silly songs, and pool trips to help curb boredom this summer! One of the most memorable moments for me was during our Community Fun week. We had the pleasure of going Mix 96, getting a tour and recording a commercial for them! When we first arrived, Corny welcomed the kids in that big, booming voice of his and I knew it was going to be a wonderful tour! He took us through the building and ushered the kids into a small, sound-proof room. While he was getting the kids all excited about recording a commercial, one little boy was determined to not be excited. It took him everything he had to keep a frown on his face, and pretend to be grumpy as he would NOT BE IN A COMMERCIAL! It took Corny all of five minutes to have him making monkey noises like the rest of the children! Next, we continued our tour to the radio station's break room, where Corny mystified the kids with the idea of an underground pipe from 7-11 to the break room, so he could have a slurpee whenever he wanted! I'll never forget another little boy who stated, "That will never happen! It would be too expensive! And how would you pay for every slurpee? Could they put something on it to slide your credit card through?" Corny will be striking a deal with 7-11 any day now! Finally, we made our way to Corny's studio where he recorded the kids voices and messed with the way that they sounded! Then... surprise! We were able to listen to our very own commercial! The look on the kids faces was priceless and to make it even better, we were given a CD of the commercial for a keepsake! Thanks again to Mix 96 for a wonderful tour, and thank you to the Steinbach Arts Council for letting me join in the fun and get to be a kid again this summer!

Sage Robinson, SADC Director 2013

It's hard to believe summer has come to a close, but another season of SAC summer day camps has come and gone! New friendships formed, the inside of a piano was explored, sports were played, songs were learned, collages were made, scavenger hunts were completed, costumes were worn, and dances were danced. Books were read, hands were painted, and cookies were baked. In each of these and many other activities, the campers were allowed to discover that many things about their lives are art and that each one of them has creative talent. I (and I'm sure my co-directors) would like to thank all of our campers for making this summer such a fun time for us! I can honestly say that this job really didn't feel like work. The campers' smiles, laughter, creativity, and artistry helped to make each day an exciting adventure. Thanks for a great summer, and good luck as you start a new school year!

Candace Hamm, Assistant Director

It was a tremendous blessing to work with the children at Summer Arts Day Camps. Even on those days when the sun was shy and hiding behind the clouds, I could always count on the smiles and joy of the children to bring radiance to the room. There certainly wasn’t a dull day to be had this summer at SADC, and I was honoured to work there as Assistant Director. Whether it was helping lead games and activities, or step-by-step teaching the children to paint flamingos, I can say with full confidence that this was an awesome job and a great experience.

I loved being able to contribute something positive to the children and community. I loved seeing the creativity blossom and grow from sometimes even the shyest child. It was great to be able to help build and develop a positive appreciation for the Arts, and to help each child recognize that every single one of them is an artist in one way or the other. We all have an artistic side, and we are all creative at something. I was privileged to have a job that allowed me to help people see that in themselves. Thank you Steinbach Arts Council, my co-Directors, and a special thanks to the children who made the summer so remarkable.

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