Another great addition to this years concert series. Cynthia Macleod welcomes a standing ovation from the Steinbach audience.

The Cynthia MacLeod concert was a phenomenal show filled with jigs and reels, Scottish and Irish tunes, and heartfelt Celtic music that brought the crowd to their feet at the end of the show. Cynthia, the fiddler, was accompanied by guitarist Gordon Belsher, and they kept up a playful exchange for the duration of the show. A crowd-pleaser was when he teased her about ending up behind the curtain, because even when Cynthia sat down, she kept her legs moving, and in Prince Edward Island fashion, she danced so vigorously that her chair would ultimately end up quite a few feet back from where she started. The crowd was delighted with every song, some fast and some slow, and the applause absolutely erupted when a set was done. Cynthia taught the crowd to hoot and holler like her grandmother, so the crowd had a lot of fun with that. Even Gordon’s guitar string breaking in the last song on their set couldn’t stop the duo from performing just one more in an encore performance.

Thank you on behalf of Steinbach Arts Council to our great performers, our Katimavik and other volunteers, and to our season ticket holders and guests at the Cynthia MacLeod show last night. It was a great success.

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