There was such a beautiful snowfall last week - I had to make sure I took some pictures of the outside of the Centre. After so many months of snow, snow and more snow, it's hard to remember that the seasons do change in southern Manitoba. And what does spring mean for S.A.C.? Well, for one thing, the Southeast School of Dance (Apr 21) and Backyard Theatre Company (Apr 27) recitals are fast approaching. The Backyard Theatre kids are actually practicing in the studio next door as I write this. Every now and again I'll hear some funky music or somebody laughing... The kids are working really hard to put on a good show! I'm excited for them to be able to show people all they've learned in the past eight months.

Also coming up is our 'Diamonds and Denim' Fundraiser (Apr 27). We have a top-notch committee this year, and lots of fun surprises for our Gala guests. We were discussing the decorations at our committee meeting yesterday, and it's going to be a glamorous occasion. I also had a sneak peak of the signature painting by Daylon Brown. It's beautiful.

Classes are drawing to a close, and some new classes are starting in March and April - Digital Photography (Mar 15), Drawing Dynamics (Mar 21) and Multicultural Cooking (Apr 9). There's also a workshop in the works - learning to build your own frame and stretch your own canvas. I am definitely signing up! I've been wanting to learn how to do that forever.

I find around this time of year I usually start getting a little introspective - and finding myself asking the question, "What's next? What now?" What do they call that - spring fever? Spring just seems like a good time to change things up - to start doing something from my bucket list (yes, I have one...) or something I've always wanted to try. To call a friend I haven't spoken to for a while... or invent something. But I also really value the ability to be content with what I do have, and thankful.

So I am thankful for my job at the S.A.C., my friends and that fresh snowfall last week... and I am really itching to learn how to make my own canvas and buy a really nice dress for the Gala. How's that?

Submitted by Shannon Neufeld

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