The Arts for Tots preschool program always blows me away. The creativity of the teachers, Miss Treena and Miss Pam, is absolutely on a different level than your average preschool curriculum. Whether they are dressed all in one color or wearing a funny hat, it feels like they are always planning something fun for the kids. This past week was hat day, and whenever there’s a dress up day it’s exciting for us in the office because that means the kids will come through the office in a parade, sometimes with instruments and sometimes without. We also had Miss Rose from Kindermusik ( come in and I snuck a peak to watch them play with their instruments and streamers because it was just absolutely cute.

Since I work in marketing at the Arts Council, I have a chance to understand the mission statements behind all of our programs. Arts for Tots is top-of-the-line in providing an opportunity for children to grow in creativity and be well-rounded in their development. The program often brings in professional clinicians to teach the kids about music, dance and movement, visual arts and drama. At our Munschketeers show with Prairie Theatre Exchange recently we displayed some of the recent crafts the kids had made during science week – a solar system made of popcorn kernels and a rocket ship made with newspaper and paint. Very cool.

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About the Steinbach Arts Council

The Steinbach Arts Council, an umbrella organization for performing and visual arts groups, enriches the lives of our community through development of local artists and musicians and exposure to professional art forms. The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre is a home for all these groups and their programs. It’s purpose is to create an environment where all arts disciplines can work together under one roof and share their resources and their talents with each other, and the entire Arts Community!

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