I had mentioned earlier that the SAC exhibit committee had kicked the season off on a high with Eleanore Johnson's exhibit. I recently talked to Eleanore about her paintings and what inspired her to create such beautiful works of art.

The life like faces that fill the hall gallery started out in an intro to drawing class back in 2005. At first Eleanore used pictures of her family and friends as inspiration, now she is more drawn to "photos dealing with issues such as Aides or the Haitian Earthquak". It is obvious from her exhibit that she likes to portray "peoples' expressions, signs of age and wisdom, skin colors and clothing of bygone eras".

As a viewer Eleanore's intent of emotional charge is there. "I want the viewer to be moved emotionally, to see the hardships that others less fortunate than ourselves endure and to be more thankful for what we have".

A lot of Eleanore's pieces are multimedia, a mix of watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencil and charcoal. Her favorite medium being coloured pencil which is a good pair for her favorite topic - portraits. Eleanore finds "art demanding, challenging and fulfilling. The best part in the creation of a piece is the fulfillment and satisfaction upon completion".

Eleanore never realized she had any artistic ability until she took her first drawing course at the age of 62. Since then she has taken weekend workshops in colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel. Art has introduced her to a whole new world, greatly improved her self confidence and brought great joy and meaning to her life

In the Wake of Disaster will be on display until September 23rd. Proceeds to MCC.

All Quotations are taken from Eleanore Johnson.

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