My coworker and I went for a walk around lunch time last week... We wanted to check out the new Loewen Green Art Scene. It's just off Main Street, on the corner of Elmdale Drive and Reimer Ave.

When we got there, I was taken with how enchanting the house is! It looks great, and Steinbach Arts Council has filled both storeys with art, and they have artists painting inside the house. That day it was an artist I recognized from around the community, Debbie Giesbrecht. She had her granddaughter with her, dressed in a painting smock, and the two were painting side by side! It was adorable! What a great way to bond with your granddaughter.

We also enjoyed some farmer sausage fresh off the barbeque at the Frank in Stein hot dog stand. They've set up right on the yard, and there are lots of picnic tables to sit at. After all this, we sauntered off down the street and ended up in the Jake Epp Library to check it out now that the renovations are done. It looks great! I loved the cloud installations on the blue ceiling, and the animal pillows for the kids.

All this, and just over our lunch hour! It was the ultimate Steinbach experience.

Submitted by Shannon Neufeld

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