So, what can I say? When I arrived in Steinbach, I was almost unable to communicate in English, a little lost in a city bigger than mine, but excited to meet new people. After the first week in Katimavik*, we began to visit diverse places where we could work. At this moment, I discovered Steinbach Art Council, and immediately I wanted to work there.

It was neither the colors painted on the walls, neither the paintings by a local artist exposed nor the warm smile of the children. I just have felt a strong mood here, a place where I could and can have pleasure to work, help and change a little the Steinbach art’s culture.

Right now, I’m a kind of Jack-of-all-trades in Steinbach Art Council; one day I create props for a play, the next day I’m with the children, the next day after I fold brochures or set up the chairs for a recital or decorate! Every single day is a new experience; every single day puts on my face a tremendous smile.

But now, I see the end of this first rotation coming too soon and even if I’m excited to leave for Chisasibi at the end of March and to meet the native people in their reserve, one thing will stay in my mind when the curtains will be pulled on Steinbach: All of these unbelievable people, warm too, that I maybe could not meet again, but give me strong souvenir-like memories that I will remember all of my life.

So, I love you, I love this experience, I love Steinbach and I’m glad, I have enjoyed all of the time I’ve spent in Steinbach Art Council.

P.S: Thanks to Becky to help with my spelling and my sentence structure, French-speaker after all!


Becky & Francis

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About the Steinbach Arts Council

The Steinbach Arts Council, an umbrella organization for performing and visual arts groups, enriches the lives of our community through development of local artists and musicians and exposure to professional art forms. The Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre is a home for all these groups and their programs. It’s purpose is to create an environment where all arts disciplines can work together under one roof and share their resources and their talents with each other, and the entire Arts Community!

For more info, visit steinbachartscouncil.ca.