It’s been one week. One week since we shook off the summer dust and fanned out our theatre wings. One week since we drew back the curtains on our 2017-18 Concert Series and watched as five incredible performers took the stage to set the tone for a promisingly breathtaking season. It’s been one week and we still can’t get their spellbinding performances (or toe-tapping songs) out of our heads.

Madeline Hildebrand’s emotional pianism served as the backbone for the evening; smoothly driving us from bouncy 11 o’clock numbers to heartfelt, soulful ballads without skipping a beat.

Wes Rambo’s eager tenor on Miracle of Miracles lulled us into one of the most earnest and honest moments of the night.

Noami Forman immediately wowed us with her powerful lilting soprano, but it was in her rendition of Cain’t Say No that she captured the audience with impeccable comedic timing.

With Shannon Unger ‘s striking mezzo soprano and David Klassen’s rolling baritone, both performers were immediately represented as seasoned players; confident and at ease in their individual pieces. However, it was their performances together that were a delightful surprise, equally in their playful banter and their smooth harmonies.

Of all the golden tones and moments that entranced us all, the most magical spells came when all five performers took the stage together; melting melodies into one seamless sirenic sound. Effortlessly moving between lending pause and belting bravado, this quintet collectively moved expertly and professionally through each note. They filled the air with their music; leaving no room for ego.

The first show of the year, all our expectations for the season, rested heavily on these five performers. The bar was not only set high, it was lifted to the rafters by wondrous voices and thunderous, roaring applause. Through their music, we were transported from nostalgia to despair to hope and back again. We were lifted by our hearts from our seats; soothed through the night by rich undertones and sweet melodies. We were warmed and enticed; eager for more. So here we sit; ready for the chilly, inspired, wonderful season ahead…and it’s only been one week. is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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