Classes are back up and running at Steinbach Arts Council. The office has been abuzz with phone calls from people registering for classes and programs. There’s something for everyone, from painting to pottery, wellness, cooking and language. In fall, I tried Body Pump taught by Christel Flaming. I love her! She’s so professional, and I never knew what to expect at the next class. She would always have something new to teach us. If you’re wondering what Body Pump is, it’s muscle training to music. The class starts with a warm up, then we use everything from balls to exercise bands (also called resistance bands) and weights, and then we cool down. A lot of our staff did the class together, it was 12 sessions starting in October and lasting till December. It was only two classes in where we all started noticing a difference. Plus, class made me feel great.

I’m really interested in wellness and art, so I’ve really enjoyed working at Steinbach Arts Council. A few other things I’m really excited about are our Open Judged Art Exhibit coming up in April. We’re going to line our hall gallery with original art from all over Hanover! I can’t wait to see the different styles and creativity. I was going to apply, but then I started getting a little nervous about putting something together. And what should I paint? (Or draw? Or ‘digitally paint’?) It’s open to all art mediums, so I’m not even sure what I want to use. Applications are due this Friday! But the artwork isn’t due till February. Ya, I should definitely apply. If I really got serious, I would sign up to have a whole exhibit next year. But I haven’t built up my collection yet, enough to fill the whole hall gallery anyway.

Also coming up is the Summer in the City Festival this summer. But we’re already taking applications for performers and visual artists. Last summer, we had a Arts in the Park day that went along with a showing of Cars 2 arranged by the City of Steinbach, and I painted while everyone was enjoying the BBQ, mural coloring and entertainment. I actually got people walking by to help paint in the feathers of the owl I was doing. A lot of the kids thought that was pretty cool. So, I think Summer in the City will be a lot like painting that day at A.D. Penner Park. I am considering applying to be one of the visual artists doing live demonstrations during the Festival (which is three days this year instead of two!) …But, I may be busy doing stuff with the Arts Council, as we are heavily involved in the behind-the-scenes of the event. I will have to put a bug in the ears of my artist friends and get them to paint. Then I can live vicariously through them…

Happy 2012 everyone!

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