Since 1977, Sweet Water Creek Band has been entertaining folks at local fundraisers, private concerts and family functions. Some new members have been added along the way, and recently, one of its members has gone on to a new stage and a Heavenly choir. The late Garry Dueck, co-founder and member of Sweet Water Creek Band, was passionate about both music and helping young, emerging musicians. He had a dream of bringing "The Recycled Orchestra" here, to Steinbach, as part of a Canadian tour. The Recycled Orchestra is an unlikely orchestra from the slums of Paraguay, who play instruments made from the trash found on the landfill. Before his passing, Garry had offered his band to be part of a fundraising event to enable them to perform in a Canadian tour.

The fundraiser happened on Thursday, February 13, 2014 at the Steinbach Mennonite Church and was called Concert With A Cause. Sweet Water Creek Band did play - not with Garry, but in tribute to him, and played several songs that Garry had written. Thank you to Garry's band members and friends - Cody Leroy, Myron Hiebert, Wes Peters and Trev Schellenberg.

Sweet Water Creek Band wasn't the only entertainment at Concert With A Cause. Local magician Chris Loewen amazed audiences with his ability to pull a bowling ball out of a seemingly empty bag, magically exchange cards between two strangers sitting on opposite sides of the church... and somehow get Whitney Reimer's autographed $20 into a small, sealed box he'd given to a gentleman in the audience before he started the act.

Many locals know John Lepp as "John the Painter." He is both a commercial painter and visual artist. In his spare time, John loves singing songs with his guitar and harmonica. The audience roared with laughter as John started to play and realized that his harmonica was backwards, then thoroughly enjoyed the blues music.

Clint Toews was also present at the variety night fundraiser, sharing a story about a heart warming, real life character he'd come across doing volunteer work at a nearby mission.

Cheryl Dueck shared some thoughts with us about the event. She said, Concert With A Cause was "Garry's brainchild. Garry was passionate about helping people and his community. Together with Steinbach Arts Council, this dream became a reality. Garry's excitement about this idea was contagious. Garry loved deeply. He loved his community and he loved music. Garry is so humbly honoured and blessed by this tribute. His spirit is with us. It is with overwhelming gratitude that I say thank you to every one of you who are here to support this terrific community event. God bless. - Cheryl" is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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