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New Program Manager

   Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) will be welcoming a number of new team members in 2018. This week we are pleased to introduce Robert Goertzen, who has joined us to take on the role of Program Manager. Robert is a lifelong resident of the Steinbach area and has been involved in various aspects of community life, including work, recreation and church. He has a bachelor’s degree in history, with particular interest in Mennonite history.

   As MHV’s Program Manager, Robert will oversee our Program Department, which includes three major focus areas:

   Our Volunteer Program is crucial to the health of our museum. Museums typically rely heavily on volunteer labour, and we are no exception. Robert will be responsible for the recruitment, supervision, training, and recognition of many of our volunteers. This is a critical role, given the significant number of volunteers we need to call on throughout the year and the amount of turnover our volunteer pool experiences.

   Our Education Program provides off-site learning opportunities for many students in Southern Manitoba. Each year we serve between 3,000 and 4,000 students, coming from our Southeast region, from Winnipeg, and sometimes from beyond. Although most of our student visitors descend on us in May and June, to take advantage of our outdoor village, Robert will be looking for ways to provide education programing throughout the year.

   MHV’s festivals are a large part of our service to our community. Each year we provide three major festivals: Canada Day (in partnership with the City of Steinbach), Pioneer Days (in partnership with the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce), and Fall on the Farm. These festivals help to bring our community together, develop tourism in the Southeast area, and generally make Steinbach a great place to live. Robert will be taking the lead in planning and delivering these festivals.

   While these three program areas are each separate “deliverables” in Robert’s job description, they are all focused on increasing MHV’s relevance in our community, enabling us to continue telling the stories of the Russian Mennonites, and engaging with an essential community of volunteers. We are pleased to have Robert on our team to lead this important part of MHV’s work.

Guys & Dolls Gala

   One of our new community events coming up in February is the Guys & Dolls Gala. Here’s what Patricia West, the event organizer, has to say about it:

   “We are having an exciting and rather intense start to the new year here at MHV. So many new ideas are coming forward which are turning into new opportunities for us, resulting in new events for you.

   “One such idea has evolved into our February 16 Guys & Dolls Gala for students in Grades 10–12. We are very excited to host this 1920’s-themed teen social. Come dressed in 1920’s attire (gangster/flapper style) or whatever you’re comfortable in. We aren’t picky! You’ll discover that the foyer of Mennonite Heritage Village has been transformed into a replica of a back alley. With lights off, the stars will guide your way along a brick-walled path from the entrance doors to the Auditorium.

   “Activities will be happening in both the Auditorium and the Multi-Purpose Room. Enter the Auditorium and dance the night away. Supreme Entertainment will be DJ-ing the event and will also be providing a photo booth. The photos will be printed so that you can take home memories of your night.

   “In the Multi-Purpose Room, you will find a Prohibition-style games/“smoking” room. (We would like to thank Retro Chique Antique Shop for allowing us to use items for décor.) Pull up a chair and play some poker, crokinole or other such board games. Maybe even grab a “cigar” (chocolate of course) and have a blast with your friends.

   “Head on up to the “bar” and sample some of our Prohibition-themed beverages (non-alcoholic) with a twist. Tip our lovely bartenders while you are there or, in tradition, ask their advice on anything you wish.

   “It is shaping up to be a great night. Many very excited teens have already rushed out to get their tickets for Friday, February 16, from 8 PM – 12 AM. Keep in mind, we have limited seating, so you may want to buy yours today. Tickets will be required to enter.”

Questions?  Call Patricia at 204-326-9661 or email at [email protected]

Calendar of Events

February 4, 7:00 PM - Vespers Service

February 16, 8:00 PM - Guys & Dolls Gala

February 17, 10:00 AM - Winter Carnival

February 22, 7:00 PM - An Evening with the Authors

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