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Now that our days in the field are officially over, it is time for us to tackle the fun part of archaeology: the paperwork.

Throughout the five weeks that we have been working and excavating in the field, we have been accumulating a decent amount of paperwork. The amount of paperwork that we have to fill out is actually quite surprising.

Sam doing paperwork

After everyday that we spend working, either out in the field, or in the lab, we have to fill out a daily journal. In the daily journal, we write down the things that we accomplished (or didn’t), and how the day went for each individual. We also write down what the weather and the working conditions were like that day.

We also fill out level summaries (every 10 cm that we dig) and unit summaries for each 1 meter by 1 meter unit that we finish. In these summaries, we try to describe what we were finding, both the artefacts and the soil types. Finally, we also need to catalogue, weigh, and bag all the amazing artefacts that we have been finding.

Carissa, Kirsten, and Susan in the lab

All the paperwork that we have been doing will serve as the basis for the analyses that we will be doing for the rest of the week. As we put down our theories and try to fit the units that we excavated into the general context of the site in our field reports. They will also serve as the records of the fieldwork that we have done this season, so the next group of archaeologists/students of archaeology can just look through our notes and hopefully, the information we have provided can guide them and help them with their fieldwork.

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