(by Jessica McKague, Assistant Curator)

A new exhibit, imagined and created by the Steinbach Regional Secondary School advanced photography class, was installed in the MHV Auditorium last Friday. As part of our effort to engage our community and support local artists, I invited Paul Reimer’s photography class to showcase their work here at the museum.

The show is planned to be “live” meaning that students will switch their previous works out for new ones periodically, creating an ever-changing exhibit. Students plan to touch on themes of “then and now” drawing attention to modern experiences, from the faces in our schools to the streets and green spaces of the Steinbach area.

Welcome student photographers:

Kevin Sawatzky, Hannah Friesen, Yesmeen Bouseri, Emily Lepp, Bianca Ragvindin, Heather Vos, Mycaela Friesen, Jakob Heinrichs, Nathan Schroeder, Jessica Seibel, Evan Wiens, Brendan Giesbrecht, Autumn Thompson, Kelsey Wieler, Claudia Rebizent, Vivi Scarpeta, Kayla Harder, and Carina Schroeder.

The show is on now through to January, 2014 in the Auditorium.

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