We had another scorching hot day out at the site today. With high temperatures, high humidity, and barely any wind we have to do what we can to stay cool and not over heat. We soak our hats in cold water before we go out, we hide in the canola for a little shade, or we run to our cars for a blast of A/C. Whatever we can do to prevent us from burning out, we do it.

But despite the intense heat, we have kept our chins up and have been making great progress at the dig. In one area, pieces of pottery have dominated the artifact collections and the pieces have been relatively large. But what is so great about the pieces that we have been finding is that a lot of them have fit together. Finding pieces that fit together can give us a really good idea of what the complete ceramic might have looked like; what the pattern would have been and what the shape would have been.

Six individual pieces all belonging to one purple stamp printed plate.

As well, we've found some ceramic pieces with maker's marks on them, including one complete maker's mark. The maker's mark can tell us about who manufactured the ceramic, what it was made of, and where it came from.

This maker's mark shows a lion and a unicorn around a crest.

In addition to these amazing ceramic finds, we have also found two shotgun casings, one of which still has a visible serial number engraved on it, which will help us in identifying it.

We are nearly half way through our course already, and we are optimistic that the second half will be just a great as the first has been.

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