One of the rewarding aspects of life at MHV is the generosity of volunteers. Prior to our Fall on the Farm festival, a small group of volunteers made it their responsibility to get the antique binder up and running, ready to cut our field of oats on festival day. Last Monday, they were in fact able to start the cutting process during the festival. Unfortunately a breakdown stopped the cutting early, but the next day they repaired the binder and got that job completed.

Those readers who experienced farm life 50 or more years ago will know that once the oat sheaves are cut, they have to be stooked in order to dry. We are very grateful for the volunteers who came on their own accord and finished this important task for us. We are not sure how many there were or who they were, but they did what needed to be done. Thank you, whoever you are!

Here's what the sheaves look like in stooks.

Sheaves of oats set up to dry in stooks. is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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Barry is the Executive Director of the Mennonite Heritage Village. While he does not consider himself to be a historian, he places a high value on the preservation and interpretation of the Mennonite and pioneer stories that help people of all ages understand and appreciate their heritage. Learn more about the MHV.