The Matching Sock

Last summer Rudy Friesen, a member of our MHV Board of Directors, presented a plaque to Dr. Katherina Neufeld, director of the Museum für Russlanddeutsche Kulturgeschichte (Museum for the Cultural History of Germans from Russia) in Detmold, Germany. (See previous post at ) This plaque, displaying a child’s sock, is intended to serve as a reminder to their staff and guests of the relationship MHV wishes to maintain with their museum because of the intersection of our stories.

Last week, the other sock from the pair was mounted on a similar plaque in the foyer of our Village Centre. This plaque now also reminds us and our guests of the relationship we continue to have with this German museum.

The socks included in the plaques were knit by Susanna Neufeld, nee Heinrichs, who was born in 1892 in South Russia, which is today Ukraine. In 1912 she married Gerhard Neufeld, who was murdered by rebel forces in 1920. Susanna Heinrichs Neufeld emigrated to Canada in 1924 and was known to be a talented seamstress. is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

About the Author

Barry is the Executive Director of the Mennonite Heritage Village. While he does not consider himself to be a historian, he places a high value on the preservation and interpretation of the Mennonite and pioneer stories that help people of all ages understand and appreciate their heritage. Learn more about the MHV.