New in the Book Store

The Book Shop at Mennonite Heritage Village seeks to offer books that have a Mennonite flavour to them, are written by local or Mennonite authors, and/or tell a local story. This week Marigold Peters, our Office Manager, offers some information about new publications that have recently arrived in the store.

“The latest Preservings magazine, a journal of the D.F. Plett Historical Research Foundation Inc., is on our shelves!! A fabulous picture on the front cover draws one to open the journal. Inside, a theme is immediately evident. Journal entries have been built around the fascination ‘modern’ people have with those individuals and people groups who prefer to use tractors with steel wheels or horses and buggies, who wear distinctively conservative dress, as well as those who prefer limited use of technology, particularly the telephone. Articles cover Amish sensibilities such as the importance of face-to-face interaction, Hutterite practices and struggles with modernity, as well as conservative impulses of the Russian Mennonites living south of the Rio Grande as described in Dr. Royden Loewen’s article. There is more! The EMC conference is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2012, and appropriately there is an article about the move away from traditional conservatism towards a more evangelical approach to their faith. That is just the beginning. Included as well are numerous photos, old and new. This 94-page journal, a yearly edition, is selling in our Book Shop for $20.

“We would also like to announce the arrival of Dr. Dennis Giesbrecht’s new book, Pete & Tillie. The back cover reads: ‘Someone once said that the art of medicine is to amuse the patient while nature heals the disease. A few believe that doctors are able to restore a scrambled egg to its shell. A doctor’s task is to distinguish between the small proportion of ailments that are serious or life-threatening and the vast majority that are benign, self-limiting, or easily put right. His task is blending science with the art of medicine – a listening ear, patience, and compassion. The episodes recounted here are based on a medical practice that has spanned four decades, although most take place in the 80s and early 90s. During these years there have been many advances in medicine, some of which are chronicled in this book. The tales are about actual patients, but the particulars have been combined, shuffled like a deck of cards, embellished, and modified. There is comedy and heartbreak, conditions familiar and obscure, even a little research interspersed with tales of the unbelievable and creative ways in which people abuse their bodies, and then demand that doctors reverse the damage. The characters in this book are sophisticated and knowledgeable, naïve and ignorant, wretched, sweet, and sometimes infuriating, but always fascinating.’

“This 400-page book, which is getting very positive reviews from both staff and volunteers of MHV, is available in our Book Shop for $24.95!” is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

About the Author

Barry is the Executive Director of the Mennonite Heritage Village. While he does not consider himself to be a historian, he places a high value on the preservation and interpretation of the Mennonite and pioneer stories that help people of all ages understand and appreciate their heritage. Learn more about the MHV.