It has been stated that compared to women, more men smoke, drink, make unhealthy or risky health decisions, and are more likely to put off medical check-ups and to delay treatment for conditions. Some of the most common conditions that affect men include Andropause and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia/BPH, which can lead to low libido and sexual dysfunction.

Andropause, also known as “male menopause”, is a name given to a specific set of symptoms that appears in some men as they age. It is said that on average, men experience a 10% decline in testosterone each decade after the age of 30, unless it is acknowledged and properly addressed.  As men age, their estrogen levels rise and their testosterone drops as the conversion of testosterone to estrogen increases.  These hormonal changes can lead to multiple signs and symptoms such as a decline in muscle mass, lower metabolism, body fat accumulation and “man boobs”, moodiness and anxiety, low energy, memory problems, diminished sex drive and dysfunction, hair loss and increased risk of heart complication and diabetes. High estrogen levels are closely linked to excess belly fat, which is linked to higher activity of an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme breaks down testosterone into estrogen, in turn, leading to a vicious cycle.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is gradual prostate enlargement and very common in men over 40. It is caused by an increased conversion of testosterone to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a testosterone by-product by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which stimulates an overproduction of prostate cells leading to enlargement.  Due to pressure on the urethra, affected men often have difficulty emptying the bladder, leading to infections. Other symptoms include frequent need to urinate at night and painful urination. Due to the fact that the prostate gland impacts both urinary and sexual function, erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of enlarged prostate. DHT production is also associated with male pattern baldness!

Underlying risk factors include hormonal changes due to age, nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload, chronic stress and xeno estrogen/estrogen mimicker exposure in food, environment and products (i.e. plastics, pesticides).


Supplement Suggestions

  • Prostate Support Ingredients:
    • Pygeum Bark -> Inhibits inflammation in prostate, has a diuretic effect.
    • Rye Flower Pollen -> Supports urinary flow, relaxes muscles and reduces prostate size.
    • Saw Palmetto -> Improves BPH symptoms, helps inhibit conversion of testosterone to DHT, reduces rapid cell growth and has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory activity.
    • Plant Sterols (Beta Sitosterol) -> Relieves urination difficulties, helps block conversion to DHT, reduces BPH symptoms and cholesterol, and modulates the immune system.
    • Pumpkin Seed Oil -> Improves bladder function to relieve BPH symptoms, reduces inflammation, helps inhibit conversion to DHT.
    • Zinc -> Anti-bacterial activity, reduces symptoms, size of prostate and DHT conversion.
    • Lycopene, Turmeric, Selenium -> Offer powerful antioxidant protection.
    • Helpful Herbs: Parsley, Juniper, Uva Ursi, Dandelion, Nettle act as diuretics and Cranberry, D-Mannose protect against urinary tract infections.
  • Hormone Balancing Ingredients:
    • Chrysin – Promotes healthy testosterone levels and lean muscle mass.
    • Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C)/DIM -> Breaks down harmful estrogens into non-toxic forms.
    • Broccoli Extract/Sulforaphane -> Stimulates production of detoxification enzymes that eliminate environmental estrogens.
  • Libido Enhancing Ingredients:
    • Zinc -> Increases sperm count, motility and characteristics (+ copper for long term).
    • L-Arginine -> Dilates vessels to improve blood flow, increases sperm count and quality!
    • Elk Velvet Antler -> Used to energize the body, increase lean muscle mass, support weight loss, stimulate libido, renew mental health, boost mood and reduce stress.
    • Maca –> Supports libido, energy, stamina, hormone balance and resistance to stress.
    • Tribulus –> Used to increase testosterone, sperm counts, sexual desire and potency.
    • Gingko Biloba –> Increases circulation to both brain and genitals.
    • Damiana -> Has aphrodisiac properties, helps to improve blood flow and inhibit stress.
    • Horny Goat Weed –> Acts as an aphrodisiac to increase libido and reduce fatigue.
    • Tongkat Ali -> An aphrodisiac that helps support natural testosterone production.


Dietary Suggestions

  • Avoid stimulants, refined/processed foods and sugars, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, alcohol and excess red meat.
  • Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables for hormone balance support and consume more fibre and antioxidant-rich foods such as fresh berries.
  • Incorporate nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil & avocado as healthy dietary fats.
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels with regular, balanced meals.
  • Consume Essential Omega Fats, Probiotics and a Multivitamin + Vitamin D as a prevention pack to support immunity, hormones, inflammation and digestion.


Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Manage stress & sleep. Consider mental health support if necessary.
  • Get yearly physical checkups and monitor nutrient levels.
  • Exercise regularly (30 mins./5x per week), including strength training sessions.
  • Minimize toxic exposure, consider cleansing, and drink plenty of water.


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