Running out of ideas this holiday season? Try a “themed” gift to fit the personality of the loved one on your list!


THE AROMATHERAPY ADDICT -> Create a stunning package with a variety of essential and carrier oils, a diffuser and aromatherapy jewellery. Bonus: If they are creative, you could also include extra ingredients such as citric acid, shea or cocoa butter, bentonite clay, activated charcoal or Epsom salt along with mixing bottles to make their own lotion bars, bath bombs, body scrub or butter, face masks, vapor disks, etc.


THE DETERMINED “D.I.Y-ER” -> Prepare dry recipe mixes (i.e. soups, cookies, hot drink mix, granola) in mason jars with recipe containing wet ingredient guidelines and preparation instructions (if you want to be extra generous, you can include jars of the wet ingredients too!) Also, for those who love to make things from scratch, consider starter kits for an indoor herb garden, sprouting, yogurt, kefir, sourdough, kombucha, cheese and cultured vegetables. BONUS: For a bigger gift, consider D.I.Y items such as a bread or yogurt maker, nut milk making machine or grain mill.


THE SENSATIONAL SNACKER -> Put together a basket of unique healthy ingredients like roasted chickpeas, kale chips, baobab fruit bites, toasted coconut chips, hemp bites, extra dark chocolate, xylitol-based mints and gum, fruit or nut trays, clean energy bars, organic mandarins, healthy trail mix or granola. BONUS: Go even further and make it a flavor theme such as sweet and salty, coconut crazy, or of course, “chocoholic”!


THE STRESSED OUT SALLY -> Include a variety of calming, organic herbal teas (try chamomile) with a nice mug, tea infuser and either some cane sugar or local raw honey as a sweetener. Add in some natural bath salts, heat bag, a Himalayan salt lamp, natural massage oils and/or candles. BONUS: Throw in something warm like a cozy blanket, socks or slippers along with an adult coloring book or Sudoku and crossword puzzles. Better yet, top it off with a gift certificate to a high-end spa for some pampering.


THE FOODIE FRIEND -> This person might love a healthy cookbook, apron or gift certificate for a cooking class. Add in some kitchen essentials like a blender, popcorn maker, slow cooker, low-oil fryer, steamer, dehydrator, processor, juicer, fondue set, frozen yogurt maker, rice cooker, spice rack & non-irradiated spices or smaller items such as miniature graters, garlic press, avocado saver, pizza stone, rolling pin, cutting boards, high quality knife, food scale, kitchen scissors, food thermometer, peelers, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar set, etc. Bonus: If they enjoy eating out, try a gift certificate to a healthy local restaurant.


THE FITNESS FAN -> Combine workout clothing (socks, pants, sweater, toque, hat, running shoes or special circulation clothing) and/or gear (gym bag, yoga mat, fitness monitor, foam roller, headphones, towel) and/or equipment (boxing gloves, hula hoop, resistance bands, medicine balls, hand weights, jump rope) with a gym membership, exercise videos/games or personal training/fitness class sessions. For the outdoor lover, try rollerblades, a bicycle, or hiking gear. Bonus: If you have a larger price tag to fill, consider a body composition analysis scale or investing in various exercise machines.


THE BUSY BODY -> For the person who runs all day long, combine organic fair-trade coffee beans, green (matcha) or black teas with a good quality to-go mug. Add in a bit of dark chocolate to make it sweet or MCT oil for the “bulletproof coffee” fan. For the breakfast skipper, incorporate some protein powder or bars with to-go blender or shaker cup. Bonus: Make their life easier by throwing in an organization journal (calendar, agenda, to-do/to-buy lists, meal planning guide), glass fruit-infuser water bottle, travel bag or stainless steel containers, water bottle, drinking straw, etc.


THE GLAMOROUS GAL -> Choose natural cosmetics and beauty products such as masks, lotions, nail polish, perfume, body wash and soaps along with various extras like konjac sponges, eco-friendly beauty tools and makeup bags. Bonus: For the fashionista, add some unique pieces of jewellery or comfortable bamboo clothing.


THE TRAVELLING TOURIST -> Create a healthy travel kit for the vacationer in your life with biodegradable sunscreen, water purifying ingredients, all-purpose skin gel, lip balm, antimicrobial throat spray, melatonin and digestive enzymes. Bonus: Complete with larger items such as a travel journal and map, sunglasses, beach towel or camera!


When all else fails, any health enthusiast would appreciate a gift certificate to their favorite health food store so they can ask some questions, gather information and choose whatever they would like best!


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