Sometimes it can be quite interesting to see what happened on any given day in history. On this particular day in 1937, the magazine Woman’s Day was published for the first time. I have no idea if there was lots of hoopla and publicity back then like there tends to be in our era, but this magazine is still published today and it seems like it is still well read.

Many magazines can now be accessed on-line as well as in print, and quite a few are discovering their readership is dropping and they are ceasing to print and opting just for on-line publication. But magazines have been, for many years, a huge source of information of all kinds. Crafts – cooking – Hollywood – Home repair – Automobiles – Sports – Travel – News - and many more topics. Some information has been well researched and documented, some is simply opinions, some is educational, some is purely for pleasure, and some is utterly worthless.

We can make the same statements about information found online. You can find well researched news, excellent educational resources, very helpful travel information, lots of personal opinions expressed as truth, and tons of utter garbage.

As always we must be responsible to examine carefully what we choose to read and make sure it comes from reliable sources. We must continue to question what we read, and cross reference to verify what someone writes. I guess, really, it is no different than magazines, or newspapers, or books, except that it is accessible since you don’t have to pay a fee for each online site you look at.

We still need to use our common sense and we need to teach our children that not everything in print – paper or online – is truth. Life still requires us to be responsible for what we feed our minds, and as long as we have children, we as parents, are responsible to be mindful of the information our children are accessing from all sources. Read some of the books your child brings home, check the sites your child views online. Over your evening meal, open discussions with your children about a variety of ideas and encourage them to share what they are thinking about.

Who knows – both sides might actually learn from each other!

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