Do you like knitting/crocheting, movies, reading, writing, colouring, or playing games? Then we’ve got a program for you at the library! And if you said no to all of those, are you a robot of some sort? Those are extremely enjoyable things. Perhaps you just haven’t given them a fair chance. This month is chock full of opportunities for adults to come and try a new program. Feel free to skim the headings until you find the thing that you love more than all the other things, or read straight through to see all of the amazing events we offer on a repeating basis.



What kind of librarians would we be if we didn’t love to knit? I mean, we love to knit so much, one of us even has the tattoo to prove it (we won’t say which). If you share the love of fiber crafting, join our new knitting club that we’ve lovingly called the Knit-Wits. There will be knitting, there will be chatting, and we are assuming that chatting will involve some level of wit. Any types of fiber crafting are welcome (though there isn’t a whole lot of space for your sewing machine—think portable), and any levels of skill. It isn’t a class, just a club. Bring your current project and enjoy!




We’ve had family movie nights for a while, but this month we’re introducing classic movie nights. In keeping with the spirit of the season we’ll show Arsenic and Old Lace (PG) on October 28th. Movies are always shown on the fourth Friday of the month and while all ages are welcome, check our upcoming events website to see what’s showing that month and what the rating is. We intend to alternate between classic and children’s movies. If free popcorn and movies do not entice you, keep reading.



We talked a few blog posts ago about our drop-in book club. If you’d like to join our next meeting on November 8, stop by and pick up the book we’ll be discussing, “Boy Snow Bird” by Helen Oyeyemi. Book club has a fixed date of the second Tuesday of the month; check out our posters to see which book you need to read for the meeting. Feel free to just show up, no sign up required. We’ve got the book, discussion questions, and a strong desire to talk about our book related feelings. Also, comfy couches.


Want to come chat with an author instead? We have a pretty steady rotation of author readings, another thing to keep an eye out for on our webpage (or Facebook page, we post all our upcoming events there too), and this month is no exception. We’ve got authors of biographies coming to talk about their struggles with infertility (Vicki Olatundun), or with a parent’s dementia (Elizabeth Murray) on October 25. On Nov 15 we have two authors talking about their fiction books, Karen Emilson with “Be Still the Water” and Geralyn Wichers with “Cursed Seed”.



Is writing more your thing? Every November we host a month long event called NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, it’s an event designed to help encourage you to make that happen this November. The goal is 50,000 words and a more or less complete story arch by the end of the month. There are modified goals for younger audiences. We always have a kick off where you can meet other authors in the area, several write ins throughout the month where we provide the coffee and the quiet space, you provide the words, and a wind up party for everyone who tried. The event involves goody bags, free coffee, and celebratory pizza—are you tempted yet?



Who doesn’t like colouring? This event (to the dismay of many children) is for adults only. We supply the colouring pages, pencil crayons, and tea, at what we have dubbed Creativi-Tea time, because we are suckers for word play. We have nice soft music playing, and aim to create a relaxing atmosphere, though you’re welcome to talk to your fellow colourers. After all, half the fun of colouring is showing off your masterpieces. It runs the second Wednesday of the month, and is a come and go as you please sort of event.



Okay, so maybe you have some sort of aversion to moving pictures, find trying to stay within the lines when colouring more stressful than relaxing, love reading but don’t love interacting with people about your love of reading, or … no okay we really can’t think of a reason to dislike knitting. But suppose that somehow you do. We have one more thing for you to try. Games! Card games, board games, word games, any kinds of games. We have two events every month, the first Saturday afternoon of the month and the third Wednesday evening of the month. We have a game guy who comes because he really loves games, and a bunch of people join him. We supply a box full of games, but feel free to bring your own games, and your own game playing buddies.


Our repeating adult events are many, and varied, so why not come try one out today? Check out our upcoming events portion of the website for all the details, and very pretty posters.


About the Authors

Hi - my name is Carolyn Graham and I am the Head Librarian and I love my job! One of the best parts of my job is that I am the first one to see all the beautiful new books as they arrive. I have always loved to read and my favorite way to relax is with a good book. I strongly believe that having good reading skills is an integral part of all learning. Being able to share good books and authors that I have enjoyed is great fun. Feel free to come and ask for suggestions.

Hi - I’m Aubrey Walker, Assistant Librarian at the Jake Epp Library. I’m a librarian and coffee guzzler by day, a reader and tea sipper by night. Reading and writing (and talking endlessly about both) are passions of mine, so I’m rather lucky to have a job where those things are relevant and important. I’m also the voice behind our Facebook page, and I love connecting with people about books both online and off. is Steinbach's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.