There are plenty of places to go camping in Southeast Manitoba, but the best place to camp depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. 

If you want to involve a short hike in your camping trip, Local camping enthusiast Shayne Thiessen recommends camping at Caribou Lake, which is in the Whiteshell. 

“You can camp on the East or the West side of the lake, and it's about a 10 or 12 kilometer hike to get there, so for someone for your first time going out there and doing a little backpacking trip, 10 kilometers isn't too bad.” 

He says the hike would be fairly easy to do in a full day. 

“Go out there, set up your tent, you have the whole night to rest. There's always a middle ground in there somewhere.” 

Then North of Caribou Lake is Nopiming Provincial Park. 

Thiessen says there are campsites you can drive out to, but they are more remote.  

“Out by Tulabi Falls, we have some beautiful campgrounds there. It's an absolutely wonderful area with some waterfalls you can find.” 

He mentions that not enough people take advantage of all the crown land in Canada, as camping on crown land is allowed. 

“Something like Sandilands area where people like to go quadding, you can actually set up a tent there as long as you don't leave anything behind. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.” 

He says the hidden gem of camping in Southeast Manitoba is the ability to set up your tent on crown land wherever you want and enjoy yourself.  

“There are no limits to where you can camp, and it's really cool.” 

For those looking for a family friendly vacation, he recommends Falcon Lake, as they have nice beaches and stroller friendly walking paths. 

“Birds Hill would be very much the same way, you have paved paths. You can take your kids everywhere. If you have young kids, those kind of places would be the ones you want to go to because there's playgrounds, there's things for them to do, there's ice cream stands, they're gonna be very excited.” 

Thiessen says what makes a camping trip enjoyable for him personally is the adventure. 

“If it's a place I have to hike to, I find that exciting. For me, it's not so much the camping part, it's the going out there. It's having that adventure to get to your site, and when you set up your tent, it's like, ‘yes, I got here, I did it. I achieved my goal.’” 


With files from Carly Koop