Have you seen those guys dangling from the Steinbach water tower?

Manager of Waterworks Mike Heppner says the contracted workers are performing routine maintenance.

According to Heppner, a need to clean resulted from mildew-causing condensation and adds that certain areas will be getting a new coat of paint.

“We’ve had some areas that have had some paint chips flaking,” he explains, “so they’re going to be doing some touch up on the upper bowl, and then the vertical column and the lower cone are actually going to be re-coated.”

Heppner estimates the project could take a couple of weeks, so those that are curious can now witness the men working.

“It’s a little bit of an entertaining view to see guys hanging on ropes,” offers Heppner while suggesting some might feel queasy considering if they could do it.

“But, these guys have done it a couple of times now over the last 15 years or so. They’re pretty routine with it.”