After three weeks of selling tickets, the 50/50 For Kids grand prize draw is this morning!

Scroll to the video at the bottom of the story. The live broadcast will begin at 10 A.M.

Before we get to the grand prize, we would like to extend another round of congratulations to Dwight Buhler, our 50/50 For Kids early bird winner! Last Wednesday, Dwight won himself a premium electric pressure washer from The Rental House, an outdoor fireplace from McMunn and Yates, and a Gold detailing package from Steinbach Dodge. His winning ticket went right back into the pot for the grand prize draw.


Another story of how Safe Families Steinbach is working in our community. Get your $5 tickets for 50/50 for Kids presented by Three Way Builders and LMS Ag in support of Safe Families Canada Steinbach before the grand prize draw Wednesday, October 4 at 10 AM.

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Half of this morning's winnings will be going to our big winner, and the other half will help the Safe Families Canada Steinbach chapter continue the amazing work that they do in our community. Over the past three weeks, we have had plenty of insight into their organization, the families they help, and the need they have for funding and volunteers. 

50/50 For Kids is presented by Three Way Builders and LMS Ag. We would like to that these two partners and our long list of amazing sponsors for helping make this 50/50 For Kids possible. 

The live broadcast of the Grand Prize Draw will begin at 10 A.M. Join us!