Summer officially ends with warm, rainy, and hazy conditions before the sunshine returns to welcome the beginning of fall. 

But Natalie Hasell with Environment Canada and Climate Change says that while some models indicate a dry weekend ahead, other models are showing something different. 

“There are some models that are painting some precipitation on the weekend as well,” she notes. “It’s not in the official forecast, but that’s kind of a ‘wait-and-see,' it could happen that parts of the Red River Valley and other parts of southern Manitoba see a little bit more precipitation than what is currently suggested in the public forecast. Things should be clear by the time we get to Monday, or maybe a mix of sun and cloud into early next week.”

Canada Geese landing in a pond.Geese are moving into the area as they get ready to fly south for the winter.

Meanwhile, there are showers and thunderstorms today for most of southern Manitoba and that extends throughout the evening and into Friday. 

Hasell says we are expecting warm weather for the next few days. 

“Temperatures are supposed to be 19 to 25 degrees over the next several days in the Steinbach area. The typical daytime high for this time of year is 18. We only have temperatures above that in the forecast. Nighttime temperatures are also looking to be above normal.” 

Early Monday morning is the coolest weather with the temperature at around +6.

Trees with yellow leaves.Leaves are changing colour as we get less daylight.

Hazy conditions are expected for the next couple of days. Hasell says this is due to wildfires burning in and around Manitoba. 

“We still have fires in northwestern Ontario, parts of Manitoba, northern Saskatchewan, a lot of Alberta, a lot of B.C. and a lot of Northwest Territories. So, there are a lot of places where the smoke could be coming from.” 

Hasell says that while there is a lot of smoke coming from these regions, it is not getting too close to the ground which is why there are no Special Air Quality Statements at this time. 

Just the same, she hopes people will take precautions in the stormy and hazy conditions. 

“Thunderstorms present hazards. For some people, even hazy conditions might be a concern.” 

Hasell hopes the public will also check on homeless people who do not always have a choice when it comes to the amount of time they spend outdoors, exposed to poor weather conditions.

People looking at pumpkins of different sizes and colours.Fall officially arrives this Saturday.


-With files from Adi Loewen.


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