Many trees still had leaves when the snow fell in late October. Now, residents have a chance to get back out there and clean them up. 

With the exception of Thursday, we've had remarkably warm weather here in the Southeast this week.  

Shane Warkentin from Best Way Yard Care says if you've got the time and the desire to get outside, some last-minute leaf clean-up is a great idea. 

“I have one crew out, they're doing some leaf cleanup. The reports I've been getting are that some of the leaves are still frozen to the ground, so it's not working perfectly everywhere. But absolutely, if your lawn is dry and it's mostly melted you can go for it. There’s nothing wrong with it.” 

That said, if you if you're over yard work by this point, Warkentin says waiting until spring to clean up leaves is fine too.

“You might see a little bit more vole action from rodents and stuff, they might bed down in there a bit more. If we have a really wet spring, you might see some snow mold or something, but nothing to worry about, really.” 

On another note completely, Warkentin says they are loving this little shot of fall weather as they can get some insulation work done on an expansion they are building before it gets too cold. 

Once winter weather actually sets in, he notes Best Way Yard Care will turn their focus to residential snow removal and tree removal which Warkentin says is best to do when the ground is frozen.