We can expect to see around a thousand people cleaning up our city Saturday morning during Steinbach's annual Pick up ‘n’ Walk event

This is a collaborative effort between Steinbach churches and the city, resulting in volunteers of all ages working together to clean up our city.  

Since 2004, Steinbach churches have been organizing hundreds of volunteers every spring to help beautify the city by picking up garbage along the streets and in the ditches and parks. And last year, 1060 people were involved in the clean-up. 

If you want to join the effort this year, Martin Gunter at Southland Church says you just need to show up at the T.G. Smith Arena at 9am on Saturday, May 6. 

“They can come as individuals, as families, larger groups, it doesn't matter,” he says. “And we will give you a route and maps and kind of tell you where to go. We just ask that you bring your own water so you can stay hydrated.” 

It might also be a good plan to wear rubber boots because there is still some standing water in ditches, he adds. 

With so many pedestrians picking up garbage during the morning, Gunter also asks that we work to keep everyone safe. 

“For motorists, if they see us there with yellow shirts, please be careful and slow down because there will be a lot of young people out there, especially families.” 

Gunter also says it is good to get into the practice of cleaning up trash throughout the year. 

“We encourage people, if you see a big mess in the ditch, it's awesome to invite a few friends and go start cleaning it up,” he says. “The city appreciates it and it's just good to see the community coming together, that we are proud of the city we're living in.” 

-With files from Adi Loewen