The Meals on Wheels program in Steinbach is holding steady with the cost of getting hot meals to customers.

As we notice an increase in the cost of food these days, Audrey Harder at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre (PPALC) says they’re able to keep meal prices steady.

“The more orders we get, the cheaper we can keep our meals at,” she says.

Being able to make bulk purchases at the grocery store translates into affordable prices for healthy meals, Harder says.

C is open to the public.

Harder says all programming at PPALC is open to people of all ages, including the Meals on Wheels program.

“It is for anyone. Absolutely anyone,” she says, adding that the hot meals are delivered in Steinbach and can be given as gifts for birthdays or if someone has a baby and you want to surprise them with a homemade meal.

Orders for outside city limits can be picked up at the centre.

This program also supports our local economy, says Harder.

“We try not to buy from outside of Steinbach as much as possible,” she explains. “We want to give back and we also want to make sure it’s kept at a good price, an affordable price. And we can still continue to give the healthy meals.”

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“We've had a lot of calls, a lot of questions,” says Harder. “We're currently not making a lot of changes; we’re just going to start where things are at and work our way to adding what we can.”