Panthers Ringette is hosting the annual “Give a Girl a Ring” event. It’s a chance to enter the world of ringette and see if you enjoy it. 

The event is tonight at 6:00 PM T.G. Smith Centre for ages 4 and up. Make sure you bring a helmet and skates. If you’re new to ringette and decide to register, you will get a discount off your registration. 

Organizer, Sarah Richards, says this is the perfect event for girls unsure if ringette is something they might like. 

"It's a great time for you to come out. There's going to be instructors on the ice. My daughter actually is going to be helping out, so you'll have some current Panther players out there assisting, helping, and answering questions.” 

Richards says she has seen an influx of sign-ups lately, especially this last year. 

"We want to keep that momentum going and the best way to keep that momentum going is talking to each other, speaking to each other, current players speaking to their friends and starting these girls out at a young age and then bringing them up.” 

She notes that there will also be used equipment for sale, so you can sign up and purchase equipment. 

“If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll be able to give guidance on where you can buy some used or new equipment because we just want to support our community and try our best to get children involved in sport.”