It was an exciting weekend for many people who visited the farm toy and collectibles show at Clearspring Centre in Steinbach.

This event attracted approximately 25 exhibitors from across Manitoba as well as Saskatchewan and Ontario.

It was organized by John Wiebe who says he could quickly feel the excitement as exhibitors started to register for the event.

“I think everyone is happy that we can have events like this, again.”

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“I'm still just doing farm machinery mostly. I do some odds and ends like 4 Wheelers and campers, but I mostly stick to different farm machines that no one else builds.”

As a collector, Wiebe says there is a difference between the toys that children play with and the toys that interest collectors.

“Many people may not notice the difference, but for collectors like myself, there is a very big difference. The higher detail and just the sentimental value that a lot of the things have,” he says.

Wiebe is passionate about the unique farm machines that he builds and says there is a lot of satisfaction that comes from finishing a project.

“With the toys that I build, with trying to get all the fine details in, it's often quite a challenge and you just learn to have a goal in mind and just to pursue it until you can accomplish it.”

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Anyone who is interested in picking up a new hobby with building toys or collecting them, Wiebe suggests toy shows as a great starting point. By visiting collectors and seeing the options, there might be some items to pique interest. Wiebe says the toy collector community is quite large in Manitoba and across the country.

Here's a glimpse of some items that were on display during the event in Steinbach.

-With files from Corny Rempel, Michelle Sawatzky